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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tiktokers now banned from entering public parks?

To prevent incidents like the Minar-e-Pakistan one from repeating, Punjab proposes a ban on all Tiktokers and video creators from entering public parks. To ensure the implementation of the ban, PHA also formulated a new security plan.

In light of the harrowing incident at Minar-e-Pakistan, Punjab Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) on Sunday proposed a ban on the entry of TikTokers into all public parks.

According to news reports, PHA Vice-Chairman Hafiz Zeeshan said that those working on TikTok and social media channels will not make videos in the parks.

The PHA officials took the decision at a meeting in Lahore. As per the decision, Tiktokers and video creators cannot enter public parks without a permit. Prior to receiving permits, content creators need to submit their scripts in advance for approval.

In addition to permits for TikTokers, no person can enter a park without family. Students in school and college uniforms will not be allowed in the parks as well.

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A proposal to charge money from video makers in a public park is also under consideration. After receiving the money, the PHA will also provide security for the required time.

However, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar will give the final approval for the ban.

To ensure the implementation of the ban, PHA formulated a new security plan. By seeking help from private security companies, Punjab’s major parks will undergo a major security upgrade.

Armed security guards will patrol the big parks in the province. PHA will install new security cameras and will repair the old faulty ones.

The proposal to ban Tiktokers from entering public parks aims to ensure the safety of women as Punjab witnessed a recent spike in cases of sexual assault in public places.

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Reaction to the ban

The proposed ban sparked a debate on social media. Many people appreciated the ban as according to them it will curb incidents like the Minar-e-Pakistan one. They also approved the ban as to them it will prevent the spread of “immoral content.”

Ban on the app itself is very common in Pakistan. Previously, the Sindh High Court ordered a ban on the video-sharing application, TikTok, just three months after authorities lifted the application’s countrywide ban.

The ban came due to concerns of objectionable content uploaded on the platform that was considered immoral and against the teachings of Islam.

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Also, Peshawar High Court banned the app earlier this year. Therefore, banning Tiktok is common in Pakistan, however, this is the first time that a ban is being imposed on Tiktokers themselves.

Meanwhile, some netizens voiced their disapproval of the ban. According to them, the ban will be of no use. To reduce cases of violence against women, Pakistan needs laws, not bans.