Tips for Getting Home from Vacation with Ease

You have just had an incredible adventure overseas! Maybe you went on a lovely cruise, visited family, went away on business, or took a  vacation to relax. Whatever drove you overseas, you’ll want to ensure a safe, secure, and simple journey back so as not to taint this beautiful memory. Today, we are sharing with you the top tips for getting home from vacation with ease. 

Tip for Getting Home from Vacation

  • Check-In In for Your Flight 

First up on the list is checking in for your flight. The majority of air carriers will allow you to check in for your flight 24 hours in advance. We suggest taking this opportunity to check in right when it becomes available to confirm your flight status. If there are any delays, you will have time to accommodate them, and if you are on time, you will know when to arrive. While it isn’t as common, some airports will charge you extra if you wait to check in until you get to the airport, so always do it yourself online if possible! 

  • Pack an Epic Carry On

Whether you have a single-hour or ten-hour flight, you will be without your luggage for a while as it is processed through the airport. To ensure you have everything you need, it is essential to pack an epic carry-on bag. Not only should the bag itself be easy and comfortable to carry, but it should contain the following:

  1. Identification & travel documents
  2. Medications
  3. Valuables (like jewelry & electronics)
  4. Phone, charger, & headphones
  5. Blanket or large comfy scarf
  6. Entertainment (like a book or tablet)
  7. Empty water bottle
  8. Non-smelly, quiet snacks
  9. Hand sanitizer, lotion, & sanitary wipes

When packing your carry-on, you will want it to be organized. We suggest putting all your electronics in an accessible pocket together, so you can easily pull them out when going through security. Also, remember to follow the liquid rule! 

  • Charge Up Devices

While most airports have charging stations these days, they are often maxed out with other ill-prepared travelers. We suggest having your devices charged up prior to going through the airport. If you think you will use your entire battery, we recommend investing in a power bank and having that fully charged too! Plus, bringing non-electric entertainment is always an excellent way to save on battery life!

  • Book an Airport Transfer 

When you get off your plane, the last thing you want to do is worry about transportation home. Taxis can be a rip-off, rideshares can be limited, and bugging your friends or family to pick you up can get old. We suggest booking airport transfers for your transportation. You can guarantee a safe, professional ride home without any fuss by booking online in advance. Plus, if you have people traveling with you, there are options for sprinter vans, minibusses, and whole charter buses in addition to private cars. 

  • Mark Your Luggage

Before heading off to the airport, we recommend marking your bag in some fashion if it doesn’t already have any super easy-to-see markers. You are probably all set if your bag is a bright pink leopard print. However, if you have a plain black or blue suitcase, you need something to stand out from the crowd, so it doesn’t get accidentally taken by someone or missed by you. We suggest brightly colored stickers or ribbons tied around the handle. 

  • Wear Easy Clothing

When you dress for the airport, finding a nice balance between comfort, convenience, and style is crucial. While people range drastically in their airport attire, from high-heeled pantsuits to pajamas and flip-flops, we think a happy medium is the best place to be. We recommend stretchy pants that don’t require a belt, breathable tops with a thin underlayer; a light cardigan or sweater; a large scarf that can be converted into a blanket; compression socks, and easy-to-slip-off comfy shoes. We also suggest wearing minimal jewelry and forgoing clothes that contain metal, are bulky, or are too tight. 

Following these six guidelines will make your trip back home easy and comfortable. Even if something goes wrong or delays get in the way, you will be well-prepared and quickly adapt. By the time you walk through your front door, you will have solidified those happy vacation moments and be pleased with your entire trip home. 

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