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Thursday, February 15, 2024

‘Tone deaf’: PML-N leader Abbasi under fire for criticizing India terror dossier

Abbasi criticized the press conference and the dossier, claiming the evidence should not have been revealed publicly, as instances like these create fear in the general public.

On Saturday, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, appeared on a talk show of a private tv channel, where he made controversial statements about the press conference held by Pakistan Foreign Office and DG ISPR, Gen. Iftikhar Babar, where a detailed dossier was revealed strongly making the case that India is a state sponsor of terrorism. Abbasi criticized the press conference as well as the dossier, claiming the evidence should not have been revealed publicly, as instances like these create fear in the general public. Countering these threats would have been a much better way to go about it, he added.

His statements caused a stir on social media after Mosharraf Zaidi, a Pakistani columnist tweeted the clip of the talk show, with a caption that read, ‘I think Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is usually awesome, but this is surprisingly tone deaf—to the extent that one wonders if he was even aware of what was presented by FM Qureshi and DG ISPR!’.

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His tweet garnered contrasting opinions, some came out in support of Abbasi, while others trolled Abbasi for his tone deaf statements on an issue that is extremely sensitive for Pakistan’s national security.

A prominent tv anchor and columnist of Pakistan, Dr. Moeed Pirzada, retweeted Mosharraf Zaidi’s tweet and wrote, ‘Agreed! Was surprised on the sheer rejection in his tone!’.

Several twitter users expressed their anger at PMLN’s government for not addressing these issues internationally when it was in power, which has only fueled India’s anti-Pakistan narrative.

Others who were defending Abbasi were of the view that he is being responsible about protecting Pakistan’s national security, and news like this could cause panic amongst Pakistanis, who would then become ‘their own foot soldiers’ to protect their country.

Dossier on Indian support to terrorism

In an unprecedented step, Pakistan Foreign Office, issued a detailed dossier on Indian support to terror outfits across Pakistan. Dossier provides details of several attacks, names of terror outfits and commanders receiving funding and directions from Indian intelligence operatives. Names or code names of many Indian officials were disclosed, some were referred to with names withheld.

A joint presser by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and DG ISPR, Gen. Iftikhar Babar, accused Indian PM, Narendra Modi of directly running a covert cell against CPEC projects in Pakistan. This Anti-CPEC cell in the office of Indian PM was created in 2015, with an initial funding of US $500 million (Rs. 80 billion). This cell, operating from Pakistan’s neighboring countries, has spent around US $60 million in creating a force of 700 guerrillas and agents to target CPEC related projects.

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Attacks on Pearl Continental Hotel, Gawadar, Karachi Stock Exchange and other sites were coordinated by this cell directly managed from the office of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. A brief printed dossier will also be shared with media – however the actual dossier to be shared with the UN and P-5 countries is much larger and has huge details.

Qureshi, Pakistan’s FM, accused Narendra Modi government of using terror outfits to create political unrest and destabilisation across Pakistan.