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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Transgender activist Kami Sid accused of raping a trans minor

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Transgender activist Kami Sid has denied the rape allegations levelled against her. The controversy started when a Twitter user, Manahil Baloch, stated that there is no need to support those accused of rape even if they made it to the Cannes Festival, throwing shade at Kami and his new short-film ‘Rani’, which has made it to the Cannes for screening.


Baloch also shared the screenshot of her conversation with Kami Sid, in which the latter is blaming the former for defaming her with rape allegations.


“With a heavy heart, I’m writing this, that I am being threatened by trans model Kami Sid for making a post about something where I haven’t named anyone, while the community is marginalized itself, everyone should be held accountable for their actions regardless of their gender,” Baloch tweeted. She added, “Rapists don’t belong to any cis-gender. Rape knows no gender”.

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“My post has nothing to with her and her making it up to Cannes. It’s not the first time she is threatening anyone, I’m making this public and if anything happens to me I want everyone to know it’s Kami Sid,” Minahil posted on Twitter later.


Supporting Manahil a few others came forward making similar allegations against the transgender activist. Lawyer Shumaila Hussain Shahani also shared some details against Kami Sid. She accused that Kami and her boyfriend have been booked in the case of raping another 14-year old trans minor, who passed away a few months ago.

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“The transwoman who accused Kami and her boyfriend Sid of rape was 18 or 19 when she died a few months ago (FIR of her murder nominates victim’s boyfriend for murder), and was 14 at the time of commission of the offense of rape. This news is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE,” Shahani wrote on Facebook.



“The victim/survivor had complained of rape to her guru who had then confronted Kami and called in Bindiya for mediation/help in confronting Kami. Kami admitted to having paid compensation in the sums of 10 to 15k to the guru of the transwoman. Kami calls it kharcha, the guru of the victim/survivor calls it compensation for rape.”


Another activist Moiz also backed the allegations: “I am DONE being quiet. This is the Kami Sid rape case. The original post contains links to the other threads. As an assault survivor myself, I am done being quiet. We have to look inwards in our own small circles and fix them. Otherwise, we are just complicit,” he wrote in a post.

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“There are still those who facilitated this entire continued abuse, and still patron Kami for their own social capital. You know who you are. Shame on you, and may you rot in hell for being complicit in the continued abuse of a minor under your watch.” Kami Sid, reacting to the allegations, stated it as a conspiracy to defame her.


Kami says: “There is a group against me. People’s personal agendas are involved. There’s nothing else I can really say. Now people from my committee will speak up. I have a calm temperament and I am a trans woman, people should understand how trans individuals have been oppressed in the past and in the present. If people want to say these things, well, that is their right.”