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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic snaps at Pakistani Instagram user who asked her not to wear ‘western dresses’

Bilgic confronts Pakistani user who called her 'baji' and asked her not to wear western dresses, social media praises Turkish actress for standing up to moral policing

Fed up with the moral policing, Turkish actress Esra Bilgic finally gave a shut-up call to a Pakistani troll who criticized her for wearing a western dress in a picture posted online by the actress earlier this week.

A Pakistani internet user, named Ali, posted an unwarranted comment on her picture on Instagram in which Esra Bilgic is seen wearing a cream-colored top and a blazer.

“Please don’t wear such dresses Halima baji, not good,” Ali wrote, referring her to the character of Halime Sultan – a Muslim princess – played by Bilgic in the Turkish series, Dirilis Ertugrul.


Esra Bilgic hits back at moral policing

After bearing months of unpleasant and strict moral policing, Esra Bilgic finally retorted and dissed the hateful comment. In her reactionary post, Esra Bilgic said- “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me, thank you.”

Esra Bilgic, who has appeared in advertisements for Pakistani brands, broke her silence after confronting incessant moral policing from Pakistani fans who barged into her Instagram account with rude and boorish comments for wearing western dresses.

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Perhaps Esra Bilgic decided to silence the trolls after making every effort to evade the swarm of questionable comments on her posts.

Previously, Esra Bilgic kept the comments section on the post open. Later, Bilgic tried to ignore the moral policing by her Pakistani fans and kept the comment section on her “swimsuit post” closed. But it seems that severe trolling was taking a toll on the Turkish actress.

Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan posted her images of visiting the sea. In the Instagram post, Esra Bilgic is seen reading a book in a swimsuit on a pier.

Esra Bilgic kept comments section open

Now, despite fearing intense moral policing from Pakistani fans for wearing a bold dress on the beach, the actress kept the comments section on the post open. Earlier, Pakistani fans went berserk when they saw Esra Bilgic in a bikini/swimsuit on Instagram.

The actress kept the comment section open for millions of followers in Pakistan and across the world who adore her. Esra Bilgic received massive adulation from Pakistan-first for her role as the quintessential warrior princess, Halime Sultan, in the famous Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul, and then for bouts of her appearances in Pakistani TV commercials.

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Turkish actress chased by Pakistanis on social media

Pakistani fans swarmed the Instagram accounts of Esra Bilgic with rude and unpleasant comments. They blasted her for not emulating the traditional Halime Sultan in real life.

They commented that she played the role of a noble and modest woman in the serial; then she should emulate that character in real life too. Some asked the Turkish government to take action against Esra Bilgic for disrespecting the ‘Halime Sultan’.

Perhaps, fans expected Esra Bilgic to be living the same traditional life she played in Dirilis Ertgurul. The disgruntled fans went on to say that they have started hating her after watching her pictures.