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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Turkish songwriter releases song on freedom of Kashmir globally

Famous singer Della Miles has given her vocals to the song. The song is titled ‘Kashmir is my Name’. The video of the song features the atrocities of Indian security forces in India.

A Turkish lyricist has composed a song dedicated to Kashmir. Turkey released the song globally yesterday. Istanbul-based lyricist, Turgay Even has penned down the lyrics of the song. The song is dedicated to all the people of the Kashmir.

Famous singer Della Miles has given her vocals to the song. The song is titled ‘Kashmir is my Name’. The video of the song features the atrocities of Indian security forces in India.

Turkey has been voicing support for the liberation of Kashmir since last year when India annexed Jammu Kashmir in August 2019. Turkey was among the few countries that joined the call of Pakistan for the freedom of Kashmir. The song reflect the support of the nation of Turkey for the Kashmir cause.


Moreover, the Turkish lyricist received praised on social media for penning down a soulful song on the Kashmir issue.

Turkey’s support for Kashmir

On several occasions, Turkey has vociferously supported Pakistan’s call for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. Moreover, Turkey believes the conflict of Kashmir is not the internal matter of India.

In his address at the UN General Assembly session in New York, President Erdogan criticized the international community for failing to pay attention to the Kashmir conflict, which awaits a solution for 72 years.


The president said the stability and prosperity of South Asia is related to the freedom of Kashmir.

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“For the Kashmiri people to look at a safe future together with their Pakistani and Indian neighbors, it is imperative to solve the problem through dialogue and based on justice and equity, but not through collision,” said Erdogan.

The India-administered region has been facing a clampdown since Aug. 5, when the Indian government nixed Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which conferred a special status on it.

Also, Erdogan told the body that a solution to the Kashmir issue can only be found through dialogue and the Kashmir issue has awaited a solution for 72 years. Since then, Turkey has fortified its supports for the liberation of Kashmir.

Conference on Kashmir issue

Turkey has repeatedly argued that Kashmir is not an internal matter of India.

It hosted the conference of Kashmir, titled ‘Kashmir Turmoil: Emerging Threats to Peace and Role of International Community’. Turkey’s Institute of Strategic Thinking and Pakistan’s Lahore Center for Peace Research jointly organized the conference.

The speakers added that India’s Aug. 5 move to unilaterally scrap the special provisions of the disputed region is a potential trigger to cause instability in South Asia.

The provisions allowed Jammu and Kashmir to enact its laws and protected the region’s citizenship law. Also, it barred outsiders from settling in or owning land in the territory.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party lawmaker Muhammet Amin Abasoglu said the hopes and wishes of Kashmiris are integral to any solution.

“1972 Shimla Agreement created a status quo and both – India and Pakistan – should fulfill conditions of this agreement,” he said, noting that the pact bound both parties to resolve the dispute through negotiations.

President of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Ali Erbas recalled his school days, saying: “We would raise slogans in favor of struggle of Kashmiris.” Also, the President of Turkey’s Court of Cassation Ismail Rustu Cirit termed Kashmir as a “bleeding wound”.

Back in 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected the offer of Turkey to mediate the talk on the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

New Delhi’s statement while turning down the offer was that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral matter, for which India is ready to hold talks. Also, India asserted stressed that cross-border terrorism is the primary problem between the two countries. Hence, India turned down the offer of Turkey to play the role of a peacemaker between the two neighbors.