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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Twitter demands justice for Shahid Rahimoon

According to reports, four unidentified men entered a house Rahimoon was working as a watchman for and murdered him. Police are currently investigating the matter. Interestingly, sources close to the victim said that influential people killed him.

With #JusticeForShahidRahimoon trending on Twitter, the social media platform is flooded with angry calls demanding justice for a young man brutally murdered in Karachi last week.

To clarify, Shahid Rahimoon came to Karachi from Thar for employment. He filled in for a guard going on leave. However, Shahid Rahimoon was murdered while on guard duty at a vacant house in Karachi’s elite DHA area.

According to reports, four unidentified men entered the house and tied up Rahimoon. Shortly after, they killed him. After the murder, they fled the scene. A guard working at a nearby house reported seeing the four men scale the back wall for escape.

Important to note, Rahimoon’s friends went to the house when the deceased failed to return. At the house, they found his body with torture marks. The group of friends immediately reported to the police.

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Moreover, associates of Rahimoon gathered at the site and staged a protest. They demanded the arrest of the accused and probing the motive behind the murder.

Interestingly, sources close to the victim said that influential people killed Rahimoon. Therefore, the police were not deliberately arresting the accused.

Social media users expressed outrage over the senseless killing of Thar’s teenager and “Justice for Rahimoon” has joined the top trends on social media.

Increasing cases of murders in Sindh

Increased incidents of murders from Sindh are making the rounds on social media. Most of them happened at the hands of influential figures.

Last month, a graphic video surfaced on social media from Qambar Larkana where firing shots killed a woman and injured a man. The horrific video showed a crowd dispersing and running for cover in a house. However, the perpetrators opened fire on the closed gate. As a result, the bullets killed a woman and severely injured a man.

According to reports, bodyguards of a PPP MPA fired the gunshots, that too in the presence of the unnamed PPP MPA.

Prior to this, authorities recovered a dead body from PPP MPA Jam Awais’ farmhouse in Malir’s Jam Goth. According to official reports, the man died as a result of torture.

Reacting to the news, Minister Fawad Chaudhry called out PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto over incidents of murder in Sindh.

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