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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Twitter mocks Wahab as he identifies four key problems of Karachi

Karachi's new administrator recently talked about development projects aimed towards the four major problems of Karachi i.e. water, sewerage, sanitation, and transport. However, Twitteratis mocked him and said the only problem with Karachi is the PPP itself.

Murtaza Wahab’s recent statements regarding developments within Karachi sent Twitter in a frenzy as social media users began mocking him.

The new administrator of Karachi, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, reviewed the ongoing development works in District Malir on Sunday. He also said after the completion of these development projects, the citizens will see significant changes in Karachi.

While talking about development, Murtaza Wahab said concrete steps were being taken to solve four major problems of Karachi. The problems included water, sewerage, sanitation, and transport.

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During a visit to Gulbai and other areas of District Keamari, Wahab also said his aim was the restoration of the city. “I will not talk about the past, I am only thinking of the future. A basic change will come soon.”

Murtaza Wahab’s statement identifying the key problems of Karachi caused a reaction from social media users. They took to Twitter to express that the only problem with Karachi is Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) itself.

To which another user replied, ”He already said sewage, didn’t he?”

Furthermore, another Twitter user sarcastically said,” I salute scientists of PPP for unraveling this secret in 13 years.”

Problems within Karachi

According to Twitter users, Karachi under PPP has not fared well. Despite being Pakistan’s largest city and premier financial center, Karachi faces a host of problems.

The obstruction of the sewerage system is a severe issue with the responsible parties – Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, DMCs, and KMC – doing little to remedy the problem.

Every year from 2014, due to global warming intensifying, the monsoon rains wreak havoc in Karachi. Due to the lack of a proper drainage system and, obstructed sewerage system, the rain waters along with the unsanitary water flood the city, causing damage to properties and lives. Over the years, Karachi recorded at least more than 70 rain-related death.

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Karachi also lacks proper Solid Waste Management. As per reports, solid waste dumped into stormwater drains increases the flooding. It is estimated that Karachi generates 13,000 tonnes of garbage daily. The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board collects 70 percent of that and takes it to two landfills but is not aware of the rest.

Furthermore, transport is another problem. According to a 2019 study by car-parts company Mister Auto that looked at 100 major cities, Karachi ranks as having the worst public transport system globally. It serves about 42% of Karachi’s commuters who rely on old, overcrowded buses.

According to Twitteratis, Karachi has been facing these problems for a very long time, and despite calls for development from PPP, there is no improvement within the city.

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