Twitter reacts to Gharidah Farooqi’s comments on animal sacrifice on Eid-Ul-Azha

After tweeting a conversational remark about sacrifice, netizens took to Twitter to call out Gharidah.

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Pakistan’s celebrated journalist and primetime anchor Gharidah Farooqi was trending on social media after she shared a controversial tweet about the sacrifice of animals on Eid al-Adha.

As the country is celebrating the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, with religious zeal and fervor, the anchor like all celebrities shared a tweet but her post draws huge backlash and is currently trending on Twitter.

Gharida in her post wrote, “Spare an animal’s life if you can. Embrace the philosophy behind the incident and the divine message, in your life. This day is not to mark meat-eating”.

She further added “Love animals. Let them live”.

Soon after the tweet of the Pakistani public, a large number of social media users re-tweeted her post and asked her to quit eating fast food as the big food chains also slaughter millions of animals each day.

As some netizens slammed her for eating fast food and steaks in the past, others roasted her by sharing her old pictures in which the senior journalist can be seen enjoying steaks, Biryani, and Nihari. Netizens also called her out for using leather purses and shoes which are also made from the skins of various animals.

Recently, another incident of the anchor had appeared before a Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar relating to a suo motu notice over her talk show.

During the hearing of the matter, an interesting chat took place between the bench and the anchorperson.


A member of the bench, Justice Ejazul Ahsan, asked Ghareeda as to what PPRA (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority) stood for. However, the anchorperson failed to answer the question.

Ghareeda’s apparent ignorance of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority has stirred a burst of loud laughter among those present in the courtroom.

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Upon this Justice Ejazul Ahsan questioned as to who did the research for her program. The anchorperson replied that she had a dedicated research team for the program.

Gharidah has worked with PTV Home, ATV, Dunya TV, Geo News, Samaa TV and is currently a Senior Anchor Person at Express News. Gharidah Farooqi has hosted current affairs TV programs ever since 2015.

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