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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Two Christians hospitalised after Christian-Muslim dialogue in Uganda

A religious dialogue took a dark turn in Uganda, leaving two Christians, Musa Kirongosa, 32, and Swidiki Buyinza, 27, hospitalised.

A religious dialogue took a dark turn in Uganda, leaving two Christians, Musa Kirongosa, 32, and Swidiki Buyinza, 27, hospitalised. The incident unfolded in Bulumba town on November 13 during a Christian-Muslim dialogue organised by Muslims. Despite the ostensibly peaceful setting, the bold assertion by Kirongosa and Buyinza that Muhammad was a false prophet quickly escalated into a violent encounter, offering a glimpse into the formidable challenges encountered by Christians in this region.

The Dialogue

Kirongosa and Buyinza, affiliated with an undisclosed church in Nawaikoke, Kaliro District, were the first to speak at the dialogue. Using both the Bible and the Quran, they argued that “Truth is only found in Christ Jesus as the one and the only Saviour for mankind.” The dialogue took an ugly turn as angry Muslims in attendance grew rowdy, forcing the Christians to flee and seek refuge at the home of a fellow believer.

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Violent Encounter

Despite attempting to escape, the assailants intercepted the duo on the Nawaikoke-Bulumba road. Buruhan Musobya, a well-known Muslim extremist, along with six others, attacked Kirongosa and Buyinza. Shouting religious slogans, they broke the Christians’ motorcycle, tore up their Bibles and Christian literature, and subjected them to a brutal beating with blunt objects. The attack resulted in the fracturing of Musa’s right leg, highlighting the severity of the violence.

Intervention and Hospitalisation

A timely intervention by a taxi, whose passengers included a pastor from Kaliro town, compelled the attackers to flee. The pastor recognized Kirongosa and rushed the injured Christians to a hospital. While Buyinza was discharged after one night, Kirongosa required five days of treatment. The assailants’ actions not only left physical scars but also underscored the challenges faced by Christians in a region where religious tensions can escalate to violence.

Sheikh’s Surprising Revelation

In a surprising turn of events, one of the sheikhs secretly visited Kirongosa and Buyinza in the hospital. He expressed his intent to join the Christian faith after witnessing the dialogue that spiralled into violence. 

Legal Action and Church Response

Undeterred by the violence, the victims’ church is preparing to file a case against Musobya and the other assailants. This determination to seek justice echoes the broader struggle for religious freedom in Uganda. Despite constitutional provisions for religious freedom, incidents of persecution persist, requiring a concerted effort to address and rectify the underlying issues.

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The harrowing experience of Musa Kirongosa and Swidiki Buyinza sheds light on the challenges faced by Christians in Uganda and serves as a stark reminder of the importance of religious tolerance. As these victims bravely pursue justice, their story calls for increased awareness and advocacy to ensure that religious freedom is not just a constitutional right but a lived reality for all Ugandans.