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Sunday, May 19, 2024

UAE blogger Khalid Al Ameri tastes delicious food on a Peshawar tour

He ended his vlog with Chapali Kebab. Khalid said that he is told his visit to Peshawar would be incomplete if he did not eat Chapli Kebab.

UAE blogger, Khalid Al Ameri, in his latest video shows his latest video went on a food tour Peshawar. The video shows him visiting road side restaurants in which he tasted different local dishes including chapli kebab, karahi, halwa puri, paya, and karahi.

He even tasted scrumptiously delicious Peshawari pulao. Khalid Al Ameri besides tasting different food also explained its recipe and how it is cooked. He started his breakfast with paya and halwa puri. Later in the lunch, he ate Peshawari pulao and then had a traditional green tea. The UAE blogger was moved with the hospitality received in Pakistan when a restaurant owner refused to charge money from him for pulao. The restaurant owner called him his guest and said that it’s a tradition to not charge anything from guests.

Afterward, he moved on to eat Karahi from the famous Charsi Tikka and Karahi restaurant. He thoroughly enjoyed karahi and praised the restaurant owner for serving him tasty dishes.

He ended his vlog with Chapali Kebab. Khalid said that he is told his visit to Peshawar would be incomplete if he did not eat Chapli Kebab.

At the end of his video, Khalid asserted that the food in Peshawar struck a perfect balance between meat and spices. Moreover, through the cuisine and food tour of Peshawar, he explored the culture and people of the community.

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He added that in the past the city of Peshawar has gone through massive suffering and hardship but they have successfully passed through that phase and are building up the communities for their families.

It is through the food of Peshawar he learned about the people who are making it. Khalid said that these some of the values that should be learned from the people of Peshawar.

Khalid had toured Pakistan in March. The blogger shared his video of touring Islamabad on his social media account.

Khalid Al Ameri has a massive fan following in Pakistan. The blogger in his video went on a food tour of Islamabad during which he interacted with people. Khalid tasted different street food in Islamabad including Kashmiri Tea, Claypot Tea, and a burger from roadside food stalls. In the end, he ate a big chunk of Jalebis.

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Khalid explained that he has been visiting Pakistan second time. With so much love and hospitality received in Pakistan, he is inspired to explore more of Pakistan, said Khalid in the video. He even talked to a few young people working in the UAE and asked them more about Pakistan. A young man talking to him said that Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world.