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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Uber, Careem launch delivery service in selected cities of Pakistan

During this COVID-19, Uber has undertaken to create economic opportunities that are mutually beneficial to drivers as well as the riders. With the help of such delivery services, more people will be able to stay at home. However, Uber should extend services to other cities as well.

As COVID-19 cases have increased exponentially, the global giant taxi service, Uber has announced the launch of Uber Delivery service in Islamabad and Lahore.

Coronavirus has caused a massive hassle for household consumers for their daily necessities and the dire need was felt for provision of services for groceries and medicines at the doorstep. People have adopted self-quarantine and social distancing to avoid pandemic spread due to which the availability of basic necessities has become constrained.

Uber Delivery has made it possible for Uber partner-drivers to take delivery orders of the certain cash value in order to provide convenience, which in return is giving the drivers an opportunity to earn an income during these economically turbulent times.

Furthermore, the company has guided the partner-drivers to undertake standard safety and sanitization measures during and after deliveries, in accordance with the directives issued by local authorities, and the delivery service’s availability will also be subject to the mandate given by them.

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The GM of Uber for Pakistan, Saad said,’’ In these difficult times, we are trying our best to prioritize the safety and well-being of the communities we operate in,” He further added, “Basic necessities from local stores will be delivered to the doorstep via the new Uber Delivery option in the app. With this initiative, we intend to offer our services to bring some degree of ease and play our part in standing strong to help contain the spread of the virus, whilst providing drivers on the platform with an earning opportunity.’’

During the pandemic, Uber has endeavored to create multiple economic opportunities that are mutually beneficial to drivers as well as the riders. With the addition of Uber Delivery to its range of services, the company continues to work towards providing convenient mobility solutions, as well as added income possibilities for the drivers, especially during these testing times.