UK PM Boris Johnson struggles with umbrella, leaves Prince Charles laughing

During a memorial service for police officers, PM Boris Johnson struggled with his umbrella as he was unable to open it properly. His antics with the umbrella left dignitaries, including Prince Charles, amused.

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British PM, Boris Johnson, has been making rounds on social media after his video of struggling with an umbrella circulated on social media earlier today. His antics with the umbrella left Prince Charles and other dignitaries laughing.

British PM Johnson was with Princes Charles at the memorial service in remembrance of police officers. PM Johnson wanted to open his umbrella as it started raining but winds blew the umbrella inside-out leaving the guests and visitors amused.

Looking at the other visitors laughing, he also broke into a laugh after finding himself in the awkward situation with the umbrella.

Sky News had first shared the video. Since then, it has been doing rounds on social media and attracting massive views. Several social media users posted hilarious comments on the viral video. One user said that:  “Two days in a row now there’s been an issue with his umbrella,” asking if the government could buy him a new one.

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Another user called him  ‘goof’ adding that “that’s why people love him. A Twitter user commented that despite his performance in recent years, it is his bizarre acts that keep him popular among people. “This is part of the reason why Boris is still popular despite what has taken place in recent years. I won’t believe you if you tell me you didn’t laugh watching this!,” said the Twitter user.

A female Twitter user said that she faces a similar situation whenever she opens umbrellas during rain. Hence the video made her laugh. Others think he is not good with umbrellas.

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It is not his first attempt to attract attention with his bizarre actions. Earlier, he was criticized, for launching an anti-obesity drive despite being overweight. Johnson has been struggling to control his weight and required intensive care treatment in April after catching the virus last year.




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