Ultimate Tourist Attractions in Dubai for The Year 2022

Rides across red dunes by 4x4 SUVs, dinners on a floating restaurant, fishing in the deep sea, or luxury yachting in peace? We've got details on all. We consider 2021 has been kind, but we can't wait to celebrate and enter a whole new decade. What activities will not burn a hole in the pocket and be the right choice for this celebration?

Let me tell you in detail.


Dubai is termed the most relaxed hang-out place for tourists, especially when the new year is around the corner. Vacationers visit the city of glitz and glam in the desert as most experiences here remain unparalleled worldwide. Here is our list of unique Dubai spots that make it one of the most attractive vacay destinations in the world:

The Most Popular Tourist Activity Dubai Desert Safari


Who’s ever been to Dubai and not Desert Safari-ed? Not us.


It’s outdoors, sunny and sandy for all those who would like to give their travel photos a minimalist burnt-orange backdrop. This attraction remains one of the most celebrated things about Dubai visits, mainly by Pakistanis. Home to the cultural heritage of Bedouins, desert Safari Dubai is loved by all those who’re looking for a bumpy, adventurous ride. Tall and very-red dunes in the famous deserts of Lahbab, situated on a 40-minute drive from the city, are home to this activity in Dubai.


The Desert Safari doesn’t just celebrate adventure lovers. There’s a desert safari campsite that holds traditional Bedouin houses that take you back in time to reveal the real Dubai that existed before the tall skyscrapers took over the whole city. This segment also lets visitors dress up in traditional Emirati attire and get beautiful henna tattoos; the activity is followed by a live BBQ dinner and Belly dance, Tanoura dance, Fire show performances, all set under a gorgeous sunset.


Check out how it all unfolds. Here:


The activity also offers everyone to ride the ship of the desert – yes camels – and meet the national bird of the UAE – the falcon. Dinner in the sea? The traditional Dhow cruise Dubai offers it all.

Dubai takes its dining experiences seriously, and the Dhow cruises are proof of just that. Some restows lay tables several feet up in the sky and cruises that let everyone enjoy a meal in the middle of the sea. The dinner cruises are examples of such dining experiences.


These were significant sources of income for the people living in Dubai; they used dhows for everything from fishing to pearling and business. These boats crossed the Arabian Gulf to trade with Iran and the Arabian sea to reach India. But these days, they are exclusive tourist attractions.


For Dubai, the dhow cruises translate into two activity segments.

The Marina dhow cruise presents a unique perspective of the most significant spot in Dubai.


On the other hand, the Dhow Cruise Creek draws in the charm of the old Dubai with historical buildings and the 70s’ glory. This one shows around some of the earliest skyscrapers of Dubai on the Deira side, the NBD building, Deira Creek tower, Rolex twin tower, and many others; the opposite side of the creek is full of historical buildings, museums, and heritage sites.


Both cruise trips are about two hours long, and because the experience is essentially set around dinner, the main attraction is the food that is served while the boat floats in calm and serene waters.


And that’s not it. A Tanura dancer, accompanied by traditional props and embellished outfits, greets everybody on board while dessert is served.


Check out how it all happens:


The Dhows were known as the lifelines of Dubai before the city developed into the modern tourist spot it has now become.


Not a fan of night-outs? Sail on a private, luxurious yacht

It seems like Dubai hosts many touristy activities involving the sea. Though the city’s growth owes a lot to it, Dubai has always been known to have cultivated a healthy relationship for tourism with its waters.


Hunt for pearls, fishes, and trade is classic sea activities Dubai relied on in older times.


Multiple yacht options spoil for choice for all those who come to Dubai with specific tastes, and sailing around manmade islands in one – or more – of these is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Most famous landmarks built along these seas include the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm resort, the Palm Island itself, and many more.


Those who want to feel like royalty at sea can avail themselves of Yacht Rental services. With complete privacy, comfort, and well-trained crew serving everyone onboard, spending hours at a luxury yacht is quite a relaxing experience.


It is super easy to charter a yacht; select the number of hours and activities you want in the package, choose anything from luxury transportation to red carpet welcome and delicious onboard dinner, and you’re done.


Yacht Charter in Dubai is also an excellent spot to organize events, parties, or weddings in the city. Fish in the deep waters or by the shore, Dubai offers a slew of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. The Arabian Gulf is also known for its rich marine life.


Fishing was one of the primary sources of Dubai’s income before the oil boom. However, everyone interested in the activity is expected to carry a license to fish. Permission is required for deep-sea fishing on boats and handline fishing from the shore.


Renting a fishing boat comes in handy in this scenario because it doesn’t require an additional fishing license if the ship is from a licensed supplier. On top of that, these rented boats carry their complimentary fishing gear and other perks, so tourists do not have to invest in pricey items for one-time use. These boats come with pre-installed, state-of-the-art fish-finding SONARs with fishing equipment.

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