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Saturday, May 18, 2024

University student shot dead in robbery attempt in Karachi

On Monday night Laraib, a promising university student, met a tragic end while resisting a robbery attempt.

Karachi is unfortunately witnessing a disturbing trend of robbery-related violence, claiming the lives of innocent individuals. In recent years, incidents like the tragic death of Laraib, a university student, have highlighted the grim reality faced by residents. This incident not only highlights the brazenness of criminals but also raise questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement in curbing such violence.

Laraib’s Tragic End 

On Monday night in Korangi’s Allah Wala Town neighborhood, Laraib, a promising university student, met a tragic end while resisting a robbery attempt. His father, Muhammad Hussain, revealed that Laraib, who had ventured out for a gym session, valiantly resisted the assailants, driven by the desire to protect the data of a book he was diligently working on. His untimely demise shattered not just his family’s dreams but also the aspirations of a young man with a bright future ahead.

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Systemic Failures and Family Grief

Shahzaib, the brother of Laraib, voiced profound dismay over the inefficacy of law enforcement agencies in combating dacoity incidents rampant in Karachi. Expressing profound disappointment, Shahzaib highlighted the systemic failures that persistently afflict the city. He emphasized the critical need for authorities to confront the prevailing security challenges head-on, emphasizing the imperative of safeguarding citizens’ safety. Additionally, Shahzaib lamented the tragic loss, highlighting Laraib’s dedication to his book on Basic Accounting, which now remains a poignant testament to his aspirations and untimely departure.

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Police disclosed that Laraib was ambushed by two suspects on his way home from the gym, a routine journey that tragically ended in bloodshed. The assailants, brandishing a 30-bore pistol, ruthlessly fired a fatal shot, striking Laraib near his eye and inflicting mortal wounds. At the scene, investigators recovered an empty bullet shell, evidence of the brazen attack that robbed Laraib of his life. Despite scouring the area, no mobile phone belonging to the victim was found nearby, deepening the mystery surrounding the incident. With further investigation underway, authorities are determined to unravel the circumstances surrounding this senseless act of violence and bring the perpetrators to justice.