Upcoming Films and Tv Shows In 2022

I suppose it has almost become a tradition to look forward to upcoming movies and TV shows that will be released during the year. Even though it will be far- fetched to assume that everyone looks forward to a certain upcoming Movie or TV show, one thing for sure is that the movie lovers and critics will definitely be looking forward to them.

And we can guarantee you there are loads of movies that will cover various topics, from stories uncovering lifestyles of top players on Online Casinos in Canada to Documentaries and other mind-boggling TV series.

Here is a list of movies/ tv series that should probably be on your radar this year.

  1.     The Marvels.

A sequel to Captain Marvel released in 2019. There are talks the movie will be released in the latter stages of 2022, November we have been told.  We hope the release date won’t be shifted the way Black- widow.

  1.     Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

A sequel to Doctor Strange released in 2016. It follows the adventures of Dr. Stephen Strange and his study on the Time stone. The initial release is slated for May 2022.

  1.     The Batman.

This particular tale of Batman, focuses on the detective work of Bruce Wayne. This tale of Batman has a stand-out one with no connection to the DC extended universe. 

  1.     Vikings: Valhalla

With the first episode set to roll in February 2022. This particular tale of Vikings portrays the adventure of the ever-famous Vikings and their exploits across Europe.

There are talks the show will feature multiple seasons. 

  1.     Power Book 4: Force.

A sequel to the completed Series Ghost, it is centred around the life of Ghost’s close friend Tommy Eagan as he leaves NY and sets his eyes on conquering Chicago.

First episode is set to be released February 6th this year

  1.     Thor: Love and Thunder.

The fourth instalment of Marvel studio’s movie Thor, and a direct sequel to the last Thor movie ‘Ragnarok’. It is set to be released in July 2022. It is worth mentioning Christian Bale will be playing one of the main casts, so definitely worth looking forward to.


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