Upcoming UFC events, and how we can use them in betting

Learn how to bet on the upcoming UFC events and what are the most common betting markets for MMA fights.

One of the greatest sports of all time is also one of the main ones when it comes to sports betting. We’re talking about UFC fights, which have gone from violent fights to gigantic events in recent times. That’s why we want you to learn how to understand UFC betting and what to look at when searching for the best UFC betting site.


To help us with this content, we’ve talked to Evelyn Balyton, an expert in online sports betting. Check other works from Evelyn by clicking here. Before continuing, let’s take a look at some important UFC events at the beginning of 2022:


UFC Columbus: Blaydes vs Daukaus

Saturday, March 26


UFC 273: Volkanovski vs Korean Zombie

Saturday, April 9


UFC Vegas 51: Luque vs Muhammad 2

Saturday, April 16


UFC Vegas 52: Lemos vs Andrade

Saturday, April 23


UFC Fight Night: Font x Vera

Saturday, April 30



How to Capitalize on Betting in the Next UFC Events

When deciding to place bets on the UFC you will notice that there are some markets that stand out in this modality. Among the most common markets are the following options:

Fight Winner

In this type of UFC bet you will try to guess which fighter will emerge as the winner at the end of the confrontation between the two athletes.


The great advantage of betting on the UFC is that it doesn’t matter which method the fight ends. What matters is who will be the winner, regardless of whether it was a knockout, a decision, or any other kind of victory.


Because it is one of the easiest markets to predict and bet on it, it usually has the lowest odds when compared to other more difficult options.

Result of the fight

As we mentioned earlier, a fight can end in many ways. In this type of online UFC betting market you will try to hit whether the fight will end in :


  • knockout 
  • technical knockout 
  • decision 
  • submission
  • technical decision
  • tie


Unlike betting on the winner, when betting on UFC choosing the outcome of the fight you will try to find out how the fight will end. Taking the fight between Brandon and Deiveson as an example, it will be necessary to find out if the match will end in a knockout, a decision, or a draw. In addition, the submission method is also common.


In some fights, it is difficult to guess the exact outcome. Therefore, the odds for this type of bet are usually higher than those available in other markets for this sport.

Total Rounds

This type of bet works like a handicap, where you will try to find out if the number of rounds will be above or below a certain value established by the UFC betting agent. It is relatively difficult to guess this outcome for some specific fights. But in other cases, it may be simpler.


The number of rounds could be above or below 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, or 4.5.

Tips for UFC Betting


Here are some things to keep in mind when tether betting in the UFC events.

Analyze the history of fights between athletes

UFC online betting can be carried out on several fights between different athletes. And knowing which one has a good track record when fighting other fighters is essential for you to understand his chances of winning the fight. Therefore, it is very important that you analyze the statistics that are available.


You don’t need to be an expert to analyze this data. A UFC fight bet only requires that you have the knowledge of the fighters that will enter the Octagon.


MMA bets should always take into account statistics between the two fighters. It is easy to find this information on reputable websites, which compare the same data from the two athletes, helping to show which one has an advantage in which skill.

See the fight styles they are experts at

To know how to bet on the UFC it is very important that you know the styles that the fighters are specialists in. 


As the name suggests, MMA is a mix of martial arts. That is, whoever has the greatest knowledge of the greatest number of martial arts, the more advantage he will have over his opponent. Fighters can be experts in jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo, boxing, among other types of fighting. 


Each modality has its own characteristics. And if you know what type of fight each fighter is specialized in, you can understand more about how the confrontations between the two athletes can go.


In the case of striking, the taekwondo fighter is more likely to land a knockout and end the fight. This is important information for anyone who wants to bet on how the fight will end, for example.

Follow the fights live

Last, but certainly not least, you should follow the UFC live. After all, you’ll hardly know which athlete is performing well if you don’t see a real fight happening. Stay on top of the news, follow the news, know which athletes will fight, where, and when the fight will take place.


When the fight takes place, watch the UFC live online at a pba online betting site or on television. This is even more essential if you try to bet in live mode. Because you’ll be able to see how the fight is going, and you’ll know which athlete has the best chance of winning.


In addition, you will also be better able to take advantage of good opportunities, as well as the cashout, when prudent.

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