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Sunday, April 14, 2024

UQAB: Pakistan’s Fearsome UAV System Providing Eyes in the Skies!

UQAB, Pakistan's indigenously made UAV system, has attracted some interest by Middle Eastern countries bidding to buy one of the best "Unmanned Aircraft" in the game.

Pakistan has attracted “serious interest” for the Xpert Engineering Uqab unmanned air system (UAS) from Bahrain and other countries in Asia and Africa, according to company officials.

The 130kg tactical drone has entered operations with the Pakistan army and navy, which have ordered five Uqab systems, with 800 total flight hours so far, said Mahmud Ahmad Khan, executive director of Global Industrial and Defence Solutions (GIDS), the parent company of Xpert Engineering.


Potential Uqab customers include the UAE, Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Egypt, Khan said. Pakistan’s Ministry of the Interior is also interested in the UAS.

The UAS is designed to take-off and land on runways while being controlled by a human pilot in a ground station. The aircraft also features a 4h endurance and a 100-150km range, Khan said.

A gyro-stabilised pod can store up to 20kg of payload, which now includes an off-the-shelf daylight camera and thermal imager. The aircraft also can be operated as a communications relay system, Khan said.

UQAB – Pakistan’s UAV SYSTEM
Tactical UAV System

Uqab is a tactical UAV System which can be effectively used for battle damage assessment, aerial reconnaissance, artillery fire correction, joint forces operations, search and rescue missions, coastal area surveillance, route monitoring, internal security/mob control and flood relief operations etc.

Presently the system is being used by Pakistan Security Forces.

Performance Characteristics
Range                               150 km
Endurance      6 hrs
Height Ceiling                    3,000 m
Speed                              120 ~ 150 km/hr
Launch/Recovery               Wheeled
Flight Mode  Autopilot/RPV 1000 waypoints, Re-programmable during flight, Fail-safe mode, Loiter mode & User-defined holding patterns
Tracking/Navigation           GPS Based
Telemetry Data  Real-time digital video Position and health of UAV Geo-referencing
Payload Weight/Type Gyro-stabilized gimbal with colour day camera, thermal imager with target tracking and locking capabilities
Power Plant     250 km
Dimensions & Weight
Wing Span  5.5 m
Length 4.0 m
Height 1.2 m
Max Takeoff Weight 200 kg (approx)
Ground Control Station (GCS) for Uqab UAV

Ground Control Station is a truck-mounted air-conditioned, insulated container which is equipped with standard, ruggedized consoles.


1: User-friendly mission planning and execution

2: Mission de-briefing & simulation

3: In-flight mission re-programming

4: Flexible waypoints entry & editing during the flight (direct from map & keypad)

5: Mission parameter & flight data logger for post-flight analysis & simulation

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6: Real-time video and telemetry data

7: Moving map software

8: Geo-referencing

9: Easy payload (camera) controls

10: Separate consoles for mission commander, UAV pilot & payload operator

11: Easy to read displays and gauges

12: Standby control links (redundancy)

13: Back-up power supply