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Sunday, April 14, 2024

US Harassing, Deporting Chinese Students at Border

Diplomatic tensions surge as China protests alleged mistreatment of Chinese students at U.S. borders, citing visa cancellations and deportations, urging withdrawal of executive order and adherence to diplomatic agreements.

China has officially lodged a protest against the United States, accusing U.S. border enforcement officials of mistreating Chinese students at Washington Dulles International Airport.

The embassy in Washington issued a statement, alleging that Chinese students, with valid travel permits, faced unwarranted interrogations, harassment, visa cancellations, and even deportation upon their arrival. The embassy claimed that some students were detained for over 10 hours and denied the opportunity to contact anyone, impacting their academic pursuits and causing psychological harm.

Despite recent efforts to stabilize Sino-U.S. relations, the diplomatic tensions have escalated with the latest accusations. Both nations had expressed intentions to expand people-to-people exchanges, with a consensus reached during the summit between Presidents Biden and Xi Jinping in San Francisco. However, the mistreatment of Chinese students has led to a formal protest from Beijing, accusing the U.S. of violating the established consensus and undermining the rights of Chinese citizens.

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In response to the alleged mistreatment, the Chinese embassy warned prospective students to “be cautious” when entering the U.S. through Washington Dulles International Airport. The airport, with direct flights between Beijing and Washington, has been advised against due to the reported incidents.

The embassy suggested Chinese students record information about U.S. customs officers, request copies of documents, and preserve evidence in case of unfair treatment. The statement emphasized the importance of adhering to diplomatic agreements and urged the U.S. to cease actions contrary to the established consensus.

The mistreatment of Chinese students at U.S. borders is not a new issue, as the Chinese foreign ministry had earlier criticized the discriminatory treatment of Chinese nationals. Reports highlight instances where students faced prolonged interrogations, coercion, and visa revocations, negatively impacting their academic pursuits.

The ministry called for the withdrawal of an executive order, Proclamation 10043, preventing certain Chinese students from entering the U.S., emphasizing the need to stop bullying and restricting Chinese students under the pretext of national security.