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Monday, April 15, 2024

US, Pakistan and Afghanistan: A Peace Deal that ALMOST happened

US and Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan were about to sign a peace deal which would have escalated the US troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan but a recent attack by Taliban jeopardized the situation as Trump cancelled the deal.

The US–Taliban Peace is unlikely after Donald Trump’s Tweet that the US cancels the dialogue process as Taliban are not showing their restraint from conducting terrorist activities and targeting US Forces and killing innocent civilians. US President Donald Trump’s aggressive statement through official tweet seems to have closed doors for any peace deal. Both the US forces and Afghan Taliban continue to carry out attacks against each other.

Apparently, the Peace Deal was about to be inked but it was canceled at the eleventh hour following a Taliban attack that killed one US force Official and 12 Civilians. According to the US media and the official sources, this impatient and insensible act cost the Taliban in shape of the cancellation of Peace Process.

Taliban on the other hand in a video briefing, in Pashto, have pointed out that Taliban attack is a mere pretext for the suspension of talks. According to sources closer to Taliban, both the US and Taliban had continued attacking each other as they moved towards a possible deal. They point out that, Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, himself recently stated that the US forces have killed more than 1000 Talibans in the last 10 days.  Taliban thus believe that their attack has been merely used as a pretext by the US to bomb Taliban more aggressively to improve US position at the negotiation table.

Suspension of peace talks is a set back for Islamabad. Pakistan tried its level best to bring the Taliban on the negotiating table so that peace be brought back in Afghanistan after 19 years in the  war-torn country. India, Pakistan’s arch enemy wanted peace talks to fail and its actions to formally annex the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir made it all the more important for Pakistan to stabilise Afghanistan. The recent unfortunate incident of violence taking place in Kabul killing 14 including a US Soldiers that has changed the US President Donald Trumps’ Afghan policy is a huge set back for Islamabad. Trump’s statement through twitter that that, given the stubborn and aggressive attitude of Afghan Taliban, US pulls back itself from inking the possible deal.

Pakistan should continue efforts to bring the Taliban to sign a peace agreement with the US so that peace may restore in Afghanistan after 19 years and the Afghan refugees may be repatriated.

The US President announced through the official Twitter account that it has canceled the possible Peace Deal in wake of the tragic incident.

Trump said that we wanted peace in Afghanistan but the Taliban after 19 years are still conducting terrorist activities and killing innocent civilians are reluctant to respect the Peace conditions. However Taliban sources point out this is not true, both sides had continued to attack each other and no agreement had reached to stop these attacks. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is on record that US forces have killed more than 1000 Taliban in last 10 days, they point out.

With the cancellation of a possible peace deal between Taliban and the US, the situation in Afghanistan may become grim and terrible in coming days and there are chances that both sides will attack each other more aggressively, that may further escalate the situation in Afghanistan and may endanger the regional peace. Taliban argue that the US is trying to improve its position at the negotiation table by its aggressive posturing towards Taliban.

The cancellation of the peace deal may have serious repercussions on the regional peace especially for Pakistan since it was the forerunner in pursuing Taliban Groups to come on negotiating table and strike a Peace process that might have paved the way for the immediate withdrawal of US Forces after 19 years.

The Unlikely Peace Deal has turned the efforts of Pakistan, Special envoy Zalmay Khalid Zad and regional players such as Russia in vain as due to the extreme nature of Taliban, the peace deal failed before being stricken.

The Afghan President Asharaf Ghani once again urged the Taliban leadership to stop this anti-state and anti-US offensive but the response from the Taliban was the mixed one. The Peace deal was very favorable for both the Afghan Government and the Taliban especially for Pakistan so that it could implement the game-changing project CPEC peacefully.

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The analysts and policy experts are of the view that there is a conspiracy against the deal that has affected peace deal – it must be India since India has a strong presence Afghanistan to conspire against Pakistan and endanger the CPEC project.

India has been using the Afghanistan soil against Pakistan and its SPY agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) carried out several terrorist and anti-state activities against Pakistan to destabilize and disintegrate it by supporting separatist groups in Baluchistan and other parts of the country. Pakistan Army has, so far, played a pivotal role by breaking the network and arrested several RAW agents including Kalbhushan.

There is strong evidence that India has been conspiring against Pakistan to turn the attention of the world from the grave situation in Jammu & Kashmir.

India took unilateral move on August 05 2019 when Modi’s racist and fascist Government changed the disputed status of Jammu & Kashmir through a short Presidential Order by repealing article 370 and 35-A of Indian Constitution.

Given the possible anger, resistance, protests from the Kashmiri leaders, Modi’s Government placed most of the leaders on house arrest and put other leaders in jail and imposed curfew in valley and banned the Media and shut down internet services from the fear that the world may view and hear the voice of innocent Kashmiris against the atrocities of Modi Government’s draconian laws in Jammu and Kashmir. The 35 days lockdown has brought the valley to a standstill. The shops are closed, shortage of food items, medicines have created a serious crisis in the valley.

Pakistan took the matter to intervene and build pressure on India to lift curfew so that people may get food items and the ill may get medicines and treatment but India is afraid that if it lifted ban on Media and Internet and lifted curfew, the Kashmiris will assemble and start protesting against Indian unilateral move. China supported Pakistan at UNSC and expressed concern that the move may trigger regional peace.

Donald Trump should also put pressure on India to lift 35 days long curfew and settle the long-standing dispute through a plebiscite in the light of UN resolutions

The Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint between Pakistan and India and any misadventure may trigger a nuclear war between the two neighbors that will be the last war and may engulf the entire world. PM Imran has conveyed the world that India is planning a false flag operation in Kashmir that may cause demographics changes in Jammu and Kashmir.

PM Imran was offered mediation over the Kashmir dispute by US President Donald Trump during IK’s Official visit to the US. The US President had said that if Both India and Pakistan want him to mediate on the issue he is ready to do since mode had also asked him for help on Kashmir dispute.

Modi was criticized for such statement in India and for face-saving, he repealed the article 370 and 35-A to abolish the disputed territory and making them two union territories (districts).

The Opposition heavily criticized move and termed it the death of the Indian constitution. Even the delegation of opposition leaders was denied entry into Jammu and Kashmir valley due to clampdown and was forcibly returned from the airport.

India has crossed all the borders of treachery and barbarism in Kashmir that warrants that  the UN must take immediate notice of the grave human rights violations and impose sanctions on India that may force it to hold plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir and restore the disputed status of Jammu   and Kashmir by making the changes in Constitution as null and void.

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On the other hand, both the Afghan Government and The Taliban must change their attitude and give up aggressive attitude and strike peace the Deal with the US so that US troops Withdrawal may be possible.


Pakistan should continue efforts to bring the Taliban to sign a peace agreement with the US so that peace may restore in Afghanistan after 19 years and the Afghan refugees may be repatriated.

Peaceful Afghanistan is not only favorable for Pakistan but it will be favourable to the entire region. US President should also change his aggressive attitude and should continue talks with the Taliban so that peace agreement may be signed.

Donald Trump should also put pressure on India to lift 35 days long curfew and settle the long-standing dispute through a plebiscite in the light of UN resolutions so the world may be prevented from yet another nuclear war.

All the world powers must come forward to mediate between the two arch-rival neighbors to settle the Kashmir dispute through Dialogue and holding plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir under the UN so that the Kashmiris must decide their future on their own.