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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Varun Dhawan believes men can reduce gender inequality

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The Sui Dhaaga actor Varun Dhawan in his latest interview asserted that men have a huge role to play in reducing the gender disparity in the entertainment industry.

“Men can be a big part of the dialogue and they should be a part of the change. I think men need to stop being threatened by this change. They should be more accepting about it”, Dhawan said in the interview.

As opposed to the nepotism in the industry, the son of the famous director David Dhawan, said that women must be provided the equal level playing field.

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“I think it is only going to be beneficial if there is equality, because, first and foremost, more talent will shine through… Let people come through (on the basis of) talent. Let us not discriminate just because of gender. Talent should be the one that speaks the loudest and we have immense talent in our industry.”

Varun Dhawan expressed his amazement over the prevalence of traditional concepts of untouchability and gender inequality even in the present age when the world is constantly developing.

“It makes me wonder that even in today’s time where things are moving forward both technologically and industrially, the virus of untouchability and gender inequality are still present,” he said on the show.

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“How can someone not know what they are doing is a crime or not? I really believe in equality between both the genders and also, that the male gender still has a poor understanding of it,” added Varun.

Varun Dhawan has recently appeared in the movie Sui Dhaga along with Anushka Sharma. The film has a simple story that features two small-town characters Mamta ( Anushka Sharma) and Mauji (Varun Dhawan). The couple tends to share a unique romantic relationship bonded with emotions. The movie has impressively garnered Rs.43.5 crore on the fourth day of its release.