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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Vawda to reveal names of “snakes” responsible for misleading Imran Khan

Faisal Vawda claims that some members of the party chairman's inner circle are to blame for his conflict with institutions.

According to Faisal Vawda, he had warned PTI leader and former prime minister Imran Khan that some people had been deceiving him and undermining his 26-year political campaign.

“I kept on convincing my leader Imran Khan that his political struggle of 26 years is being taken towards the wrong direction by two ‘special’, three ‘snakes’ and some worms,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle on Friday.


According to Vawda, adopting the incorrect political approach on the advise of “moles” was detrimental to the country, advantageous to the ruling coalition, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), and brought about conflict with the institutions.

“We were very close to an agreement. I will bring their names soon,” he said without offering details.

On Wednesday, party member Faisal Vawda went on state-owned television station PTV and asserted his leadership, “tried to ruin” the party’s lengthy march to Islamabad, and blasted his predictions that the protests would result in “bloodshed.” The PTI officials were left astonished and perplexed.

During his hastily convened press conference, Vawda asserted that the establishment was not involved in the murder of veteran journalist Arshad Sharif and promised to shortly reveal the identities of the conspirators.

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He said that the senior journalist’s death was not an accident and that Pakistan had plotted for it. “I’ve made a video and named people… If I’m killed the personalities involved will also be killed in three to five hours,” he said.

Additionally, Vawda asserted that the Aazadi March would be “bloody” as it approached the federal capital. “Imran Khan’s peaceful long march is our right but I am clearly telling you I am seeing blood, deaths and coffins in this march.”

PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi informed the former minister that he had “grossly violated discipline by giving statements against party policies and guidelines” in the show-cause notice that was handed to Vawda shortly after the press conference.