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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Vision 2030: Kingdom Opens Military Services for Saudi Women

Saudi women are now allowed to join the Saudi armed forces. The latest move under Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia has also opened its doors to tourists and attracted a large number from around the world. 

In a much surprising move, Saudi women are allowed to serve at the senior ranks in the Kingdom’s military announced Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence. The latest move comes in the wake of ramping up women’s freedom in the ultra-conservative Saudi society.

Under the new guidelines, Saudi women will be able to serve as sergeants, staff sergeants, corporal, lance corporals in the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Royal Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Arabian Navy, Royal Saudi Air Defence Forces, Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Forces, and Armed Forces Medical Services.


“With these new laws supporting women’s capabilities and rights as citizens… naturally, they will enter new spheres of work, this is the reflection of a national belief in the equality between women and men,” Shura Council member Haya Al-Muni’i told local Arab news outlet.

The move is latest in the streak of handful measures taken for social and economic empowerment of women under Crown Prince’s Muhammad Bin Salman’s ambitious Vision 2030. The increased role of women in the economic development of Saudi Arabia, the emancipation of women, and their equal representation in the Kingdom are the prime components of Vision 2030. The grand-scale ‘Vision 2030’ intends to modernize and brand Saudi Arabia as a progressive and a developed country.

Women Liberation in KSA

A breakthrough for Saudi women came when they were allowed to drive in the Kingdom in 2018, amid a ferocious crackdown on women activists campaigning for women’s rights for decades in the backdrop.

Saudi Arabia is making overhaul changes to its stringent traditions and rules followed for years in the Kingdom.

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In August, the Kingdom announced Saudi women will soon be able to acquire passports and travel without the permission of the male guardian, wavering a strictly imposed male guardian system,  which hampered women’s liberation in a multitude of ways.

The Saudi authorities have also warded off the condition of acquiring the consent of a male guardian for obtaining an education. Now, they can also file for divorce, register marriages, and births and to receive official family documents without their guardian’s approval.

These measures are carried out to wash off international concerns of human rights violations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a prerequisite to attract western tourists to diversify the Saudi economy.

Tourists Swarmed KSA

The policy changes seem to bear results for Saudi Arabia, according to an estimate nearly 24,000 tourists visited Saudi Arabia in the ten days of issuing tourists visa.

On September 27th, Saudi Arabia had announced to issue tourist visas to foreign tourists. Earlier, the visas were granted only to pilgrims, foreign workers,  and recently to spectators at a sporting event or cultural event.

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To further facilitate foreign tourists, Saudi Arabia has allowed unmarried foreign couples to rent a hotel room. Citizens from 49 countries are now eligible for online e-visas or visas on arrival, including the United States, Australia, several European nations, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, and Kazakhstan.