Volatility of some slots can be changed

Changeable volatility explained. Take a look at slots with flexible volatility levels!

In order to start playing slots, it is not enough just to want to. In some cases, though, that will be enough. If you want to play slots and have a slightly better chance of winning you need to know some of the subtleties of this type of game in order to choose the right games. The user should know such concepts as RTP and volatility in slots. While the RTP is clear and indicates the slot’s payout as a percentage, the volatility is difficult to understand, because each player will have his own beliefs about it.

Let’s define volatility initially. The whole concept is very similar to what you can come across in financial markets.:

  • Low Volatility. This type of volatility implies fairly frequent gains compared to other levels. Although winnings will be frequent, they will still be insignificant. For the most part, this kind of slot is chosen by those who are new to the world of gambling in order to get a feel for the specifics of slot games. The multiplier in these slots is almost never higher than x1,000 your bet. Talking about frequent payouts, you should know that compared to High and Medium volatility you will win more often by 30-40%, which is much higher.
  • Medium Volatility is much rarer than Low or High Volatility. Why? Because the developers are trying to create High Volatility slots. Medium Volatility slots often have the highest RTP, compared to other slots. These slots have an excellent balance between frequency and payout. In slots with Medium volatility, there is a greater variety of features than in other slots. Maximum winnings in these games range from x2,000 to x5,000
  • High Volatility. Oh, these are truly spectacular slots. All the best of the slot machines are taken here, except for the frequency of winnings. For the most part, there are rare but significant winnings to be had. You may have to wait to win by 200 to 300 spins and you just have to have a huge bankroll. That is why this kind of slot is not recommended for novice players. But, the multipliers here reach truly enormous values of up to x50,000.

There are many providers with different volatility levels, but only Wazdan can offer slots in which the volatility level can vary. This means that each perfect spin will not depend on the previous one. It turns out that every Wazdan slot can have low, medium, and high volatility. Sounds very interesting. This approach will appeal to every player, and they will return to the company’s slots again and again. To give you an example, consider a few of the most popular and sought-after games:

  • Jack On Hold is a slot western with floating Low and Medium Volatility. The RTP in this game is 96.4% and the maximum multiplier is x5,000. You’ll have great prize options Substitution Symbols, Gamble, Respins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Wild. But, you have to understand that the slot only uses 3 reels here, so it’s limited in features
  • Magic Hot 4 Deluxe tells the tale of magical fruit, which can give the player a multiplier of up to x20,000. Another Low and Medium Volatility slot. But, it doesn’t have any sparkling features except for the Gamble doubling round. Incidentally, it uses the not-so-popular 4 reels slot design
  • Hungry Shark offers the player the chance to feel like a man who has decided to swim away from a deserted island. Stay alive and you will win a huge prize. The slot consists of 5 reels. Volatility here is at the Low and Medium levels. The maximum possible multiplication here is x25,000. The player will have features like Free Spins and Gamble.

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