Shaan Shahid

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid’s latest picture sitting in the garden of his home has attracted huge attention on social media. But an extravagant Porsche car in his background was that intrigued his followers the most.

Extremely fascinated by his car, a discussion picked up on social media between followers. Shaan actively engaged with his followers who appreciated his beautiful garden, big home, and an expensive luxurious car.

Shaan asked his followers to work hard and not to be jealous of him in an interesting response to a few social media users who said he is flexing his money and boasting his Porsche.

Another impressed Twitter user commented that “I wish I have that big house with a huge lawn and a Porsche so that I can put this on social media.”

To which Shaan humbly responded, “Work hard to achieve your dreams. I had a Suzuki fx in 1990.”

A score of fans expressed warm wishes for him and prayed for his success. Others acknowledged his hard work for years and revered his achievements.

Meanwhile, he also silenced the bullies with his witty responses.  A user, mocking him, said Shan earned his wealth by working in the Punjabi films. The user even named a few of his Punjabi films.

To which Shaan asked him to watch his other 497 movies too.

Throughout an interesting interaction with his followers, Shaan also shared his words of wisdom.

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“Superman flies in the films … not in real life .. an actor does characters that he is asked to do .. in real life, we are the directors of our character.”

He said in a response to a commentator who said that it seems Shaan has left the chase of rowdy Punjabi villans in the villages and is living a European life.

When a user asked him to leave the film industry. Shan said that he will continue to serve his country through his films and art.

“Like you left your country? No, I don’t think so … my industry is a Pakistani film industry and I will serve my nation through my films, Pakistani films,” wrote Shaan.