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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Was Afghanistan, India T20 World Cup match fixed?

Pakistani cricket fans have been left upset as Afghanistan lost its match against India. Several people believe that Afghanistan deliberately lost the match against India as players wanted to secure their IPL contracts. Others believe India paid off Afghanistan to lose the match.

Cricket fans believe that the T20 World Cup match on Wednesday between Afghanistan and India was fixed. Afghanistan lost miserably by 63 runs to India. Last night’s victory enabled India to register their first win in the T20 World Cup match after being defeated by Pakistan and New Zealand back-to-back.

Pakistani cricket fans were upset as Afghanistan lost the match against India. This made several people believe that Afghanistan deliberately lost the match against India as players wanted to secure their IPL contracts.

Some said that India paid Afghanistan a heavy amount to lose the match. Others commented that Afghanistan lacked that passion, will, and vigor to win the match against India that they showed against Pakistan.



Cricket fans had expected Afghanistan to defeat India in the match keeping in view how they played against Pakistan. However, the Afghan team struggled in all formats against India in the match.

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Social media users pointed out how Afghan fielders were unable to stop boundaries and how skipper Muhammad Nabi, considered the finest player in the Afghan team, bowled only one over.

This led several people to believe that perhaps Afghanistan deliberately decided to lose the match. Since last night, several hashtag trends like #INDvsAFG, #Well Paid India, #Nabi, #indiancricket have been trending top on social media.

Fans believe that Afghanistan is in a good position to qualify for the semi-finals. Others doubted the decision of the Afghan team to field first even after winning the toss.

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All these conspiracies have been making rounds on social media, however, a small number of users believe that the match was not fixed but the Afghanistan team lacked the vigor to defeat the Indian team which was driven by political grievances and tensions between the two countries. India also needed to win by 60-63 runs to improve its run rate in the point table that made some users question the calculation made by the Indian cricket team to win the match.