Azerbaijan military music

Amid its deadly conflict with Armenia, Azerbaijan has released a musical military video on the official YouTube channel of country’s State Border Service. The video shows off heavy military equipment and seven-string metal riff.

Atas, which translates to Fire in English, is performed by the local musicians Ceyhun Zeynalov and Narmin Karimbayova, featuring Nur Group. The musicians adorned full combat uniforms for the song. The song is the reminiscent of the German metal veterans and Rammstein and English prog-rockers Muse.

The performers are seen acting out military stunts in the song, reflecting the preparedness of the army of Azerbaijan against external aggression. The song was posted on the YouTube channel on 27th Sept.

The song is a tribute to the armed forces of the Azerbaijan. The song showing military might came at a time of intense fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia that began at the end of the last month. The song features APCs, automatic weapons, choppers and military hardware. While, the latest song is counted as the military rock pop-song, earlier last month, the government of Azerbaijan released a soulful patriotic tune.

Both the countries have been in a long-standing conflict over the territorial dispute on Nagorno-Karabakh. According to the recent reports, the recent clashes have claimed 100 lives so far.

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Back in 2018, the Azerbaijan military had released a song titled, ‘Ways of the Queen’. This song too featured Nur Group. However, the song reflected the naval prowess of the country.

The latest song ‘Ates’ followed the military song released by Turkish military in August.

The song by the military of Azerbaijan is gaining traction on social media as it received mixed reviews on Twitter. While some have lauded the song, several Twitter users have described the song a ‘bizarre’ and ‘unusual’.