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Friday, February 16, 2024

Watch: UAE influencer challenges the Hulk of Pakistan!

On his recent visit to Peshawar, Khalid Al Ameri met with Khan Baba, the strongest man in Pakistan, and challenged him to a host of friendly competitions.

Famed UAE influencer Khalid Al Ameri challenged Pakistan’s strongest man to a battle of strengths. Needless to say, the UAE influencer failed to successfully take on the famous Hulk of Pakistan.

Khalid Al Ameri recently visited Pakistan with the aim of showing to the world the other side of the country; the side not marked with terrorism, but full of hospitality, kindness, and talent.

On his trip to Peshawar, Khalid Al Ameri decided to meet Khan Baba, aka the Hulk of Pakistan to confirm whether or not he really was the strongest man of Pakistan.

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Upon meeting Khan Baba, the UAE influencer was stunned at his mammoth size. He then sat down with the Hulk of Pakistan and asked him his story.

“Is Khan Baba a character or the person you are when you wake up in the morning?” Khalid Al Ameri asked.

“Khan Baba is a character on social media,” the Hulk of Pakistan replied, “When there is no social media, I’m a different kind of person.”

After talking, Khalid Al Ameri challenged Khan Baba to a test of strengths, where the two men had to go through various challenges.

The Hulk of Pakistan outperformed Khalid Al Ameri in all of the challenges.

Khalid Al Ameri expressed his happiness at meeting with Khan Baba. He was expecting an angry man who would be arrogant due to his strength; however, the UAE influencer was pleasantly surprised as Khan Baba was all smiles and laughter.

Khan Baba also talked about the generous hospitality of Pakistan and the country’s love and respect for its guests, irrespective of religion, language, and race.

“Our guest is our family,” Khan Baba said,” They are like the King of the jungle for us.”

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In the end, Khalid Al Ameri thanked the Hulk of Pakistan for sharing his hospitality, laughter, spirit.

Khan Baba replied by telling Khalid Al Ameri that Pakistan is his home now and he is always welcome.