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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Ways to ensure unhindered food supply to Afghans: PM WFP official converse

PM Imran Khan and WFP official converse on the ways to ensure unhindered food supply to the Afghans in the backdrop of chaos in the country. the organization has appreciated Pakistan's facilitative role in ensuring that food assistance reach the war-ravaged country.

On Thursday, Executive Director United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) David M. Beasley on Thursday called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to converse on ways to ensure unhindered food supply to the Afghans. He appreciated Pakistan’s role in facilitating the work of his organization in providing food assistance to the people in Afghanistan.

The Rome-based WFP official also discussed how the organization can ensure continued provision of humanitarian assistance to the people in Afghanistan in the backdrop of chaotic situation after the Taliban takeover.

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World Food Program’s laudable role 

The prime minister appreciated the role of WFP as the leading international humanitarian organization for delivering food assistance in emergencies and for working with nations worldwide to improve nutrition and build resilience.

The World Food Programme was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for its efforts to provide food assistance in areas of conflict, and to prevent the use of food as a weapon of war and conflict.

Millions of people across Afghanistan are the ones who depend on WFP assistance. Decades of conflict, severe consecutive droughts caused by climate change and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed this tormented and war-ravaged country to the edge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Two million children in the country are undernourished. Also, with the return of the Taliban and evacuation crisis, the need for humanitarian assistance has become more important than ever.

He underlined that Pakistan was a beneficiary of various WFP projects and valued its partnership with the organisation.


“Inclusive government” is a panacea for Afghan imbroglio

On the evolving situation in Afghanistan, the prime minister reiterated that formation of an inclusive government and positive engagement of international community with Afghanistan, was the way forward to avert any humanitarian crisis and secure peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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