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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

What led to the great divide of India and Pakistan?

A couple of positive events in Delhi and Haryana have heralded hope that peace and prosperity are assured not just in these regions but also in India and Pakistan. It is a fallacious syllogism that if war is becoming costlier and hence fueling hybrid terrorism.

A couple of positive events in Delhi and Haryana have heralded hope that peace and prosperity are assured not just in these regions but also in India and Pakistan. It is a fallacious syllogism that if war is becoming costlier and hence hybrid terrorism. If a Gurdwara in Haryana opens its space for Muslims to pray Friday prayer and if a businessman Akshay Yadav can let Muslims pray when the family is vacationing during the Diwali festival it is welcome. It is far better than what transpired during the partition of India. India and Pakistan share the desire to live as good neighbors.

Of course, it is reasonable to turn our back to violence. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was secular and even dreamt that Pakistan would give an example of comity of a different sort. The religious denomination would cease to matter. Both the dominant communities had much to accomplish but for the RSS. The first conspiracy was to assassinate Jinnah in which not less than LK Advani was tainted. Jinnah traveled in the car of Lord Mountbatten through the space of a lane where top intelligence agencies had feedback of terrorist attacks. When the cavalcade passed through the area Jinnah thanked Allah but Lord Mountbatten prayed to Christ for the safe passage. The astute intelligence agency of the British made no mistake.

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Since Advani’s migration to India: how did he become more vindictive?

Jinnah had allowed the Deonani family to supply roti to the prisons in Pakistan. However, the Deonani Sindhi family migrated to Malegaon and started Ramrajya hotel in Malegaon on the other side of the river Mosom river. When Gopal Godse was released from Prison, he has welcomed b RSS leader Kasar wakil almost the place where Pragyasingh Thakur stayed and monitored the location when the bomb shook Malegaon a second time within two years.

The worst that the state in India has done is to view RSS, not as a terrorist organization. The ambiguity regarding it as a cultural organization hides the fact that it is the mother of all terror as far as the killing of minorities is concerned. Those who have been arrested in the bomb attacks in Malegaon, Mecca- mosque, Samjhauta express are the leaders of RSS. One such leader is from West Bengal who succinctly made it clear that Muslims must not live in India: “If a Muslim living in India chooses their god before India, then why should he be allowed to live in our country?

This country belongs to Hindus first,” says Ramapada Pal who is the chief preacher of RSS in West Bengal. What causes such kind of intemperate remark is the ideology of RSS and not the personal experience as happened in the case of Uttam Shaha. His niece fell in love with a Muslim and married him. This had so upset him that he is determined to do what he says:

“My mission is to make India a Hindu nation,” 

Ever since right-wing Hindu extremists came to power in India there is copycatting of killings of the neighboring country, Pakistan, and making monotheism of Hinduism and ushering in the barbarity of the Dark Ages. It is strange that Shekhar Gupta calls the Pakistanis the angriest people in the world. Those who killed Akhlak were any less angry? The most disturbing spin-off of it is for the Muslims of India and what is truly a cause of concern for living together of Indians and Kashmiris. The greater the effort to make Kashmir integral to India the worse is the far-off effect.

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In the name of the annual Amarnath yatra, there is an attempt of grabbing land, whenever there is any tension, the softest target is the driver or the cleaner of trucks being lynched with impunity. In October 2015 India imposed a ban on petroleum being transported to Nepal and there was also killing of drivers and cleaners. The pretext of beef has superseded ghar wapsi, or reconversion, love jihad, etc. Kashmir valley was free from this but now beef has broiled a storm of protest and revived the freedom movement for Azadi.

Zahid Rasool Bhat funeral and the call for freedom

Scenes of mourning are they in Dadri, in Saharanpur or Kashmir speak volumes of failure to live together thanks to the right-wing ideology of hatred propagated by RSS and its affiliates including Shiv Sena. A portrait of a disconsolate lady in despair is Zahid’s mother

In Saharanpur Noman’s sister wants an answer what if her brother was transporting animals for farming and still Bajrang Dal thugs killed him! The daughter of Akhlak Shaishta also posed the question that if it were proved as it was that her father Akhlak had only mutton and nothing else will her father’s killers make him come back to life? Khushnama, sister of Noman, is another woman who is in despair of existence together.

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RSS is the behemoth that the blind men of all the political parties and investigation agencies and police touch and yet refuse to name it to be what it is, a terrorist organization. The involvement of RSS is also direct and linked to a host of terrorist attacks across the country and even in all the present turmoil within the country.


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.