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Monday, April 15, 2024

What message does serial “Akhri Station” gives?

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‘Akhri Station’, a drama that features stories of seven different women recently aired its first episode on ARY television. Famous writer Amna Mufti has penned down the story that is directed by phenomenal director Sarmad Khoosat.

Akhri Stations is Kashf Foundation’s third production after Rehai and Udaari. The Kashf foundation for human rights previously addressed complex social issues like child marriage and sexual harassment of children in their previous projects.

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The human rights organization in their third production has chosen controversial issues like HIV, prostitution, and depression in ‘Akhri Station’.

The seven-episode drama depicts the lives of seven women living in seven regions of the country and living seven distinct lives.

“Women in all eras have been told to keep their dreams to the eye of a needle”, said Roshaneh Zafar, the managing director of Kashf Foundation.

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She further said the story dwell upon the diversity of women and their sufferings. It also exhibits how injustice plagues the society.

Zafar also told, “Media is responsible for carrying out any kind of change when crafted right. ‘Akhri Station’ is the reality we see around us, but it is not about showing women as victims, it is actually showing women as the heroes of their own stories. We reached out to different women facing severe challenges since we needed this project to be based on real-life stories. The women we met for inspiration, transformed their miserable experiences into providential lives by their willpower and bravery.”

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“I was called by Kashf Foundation to meet some of the victims. Their stories turned out to be ‘soul-shaking’. The atrocities they faced were so severe that they cannot be depicted on local television.” said Amna Mufti.

“The name ‘Akhri Station’ has been chosen because you get out of the train and progress towards your destination from there. Similarly, all seven women will initiate new, empowered lives from the Akhri Station”, said the lead protagonist Sanam Saeed.

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Sanam Saeed plays Tehmeena in the serial, a woman suffering from depression despite having an understandable partner Mikaal Zulfiqar.

Director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat urged the people to watch the drama as it has the ability to change the perception and lives of people.