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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Where is our shame? Our ghairat? Asks Armeena Khan on Toddler Rape

The vociferous actress slammed the authorities and the society for a criminal silence on the rape and abuse of Jannat, a toddler from Mansehra. Jannat died in the hospital due to the alleged lack of facilities. Armeena Khan asks a pertinent question of ‘honour’ and ‘shame’- the same ‘honour’ which incites the male guardian to kill females under their control for bringing disgrace to their family.

Pakistani actress Armeena Khan accused the government authorities of the demise of a 4-year-old girl, Jannat, who died in the hospital during treatment. Khan claimed the infant could have been saved had there been proper facilities at the hospital.


She said along with the rapist of Jannat, the government is equally responsible for her death. She also lashed out at the dreadful way the infant was raped, physical tortured and thrown in a deep well for four days. The infant cried endlessly in pain for help for four days, said Armeena Khan in her heartbreaking social media post.

She slammed people for their silence over no outrage on the government’s ineptness for inadequate medical facilities. The furious Armeena Khan, asked “where is our shame? Our ghairat? In a social media message.

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In another post on her Instagram, she cited the cases of eight-year-old Zainab and Nimrita, a medical student from Karachi, who succumbed to spineless physical abuse and assault.


Expressing her annoyance on the inability of the government to curb the sexual abuse of females, Armeena wrote: “This could’ve been your kid! I don’t know how many times my heart’s going to break. I ask again, where is our Shame? Our ghairat? Those in charge pls do something! Fund the hospitals, tighten the laws and put these disgusting criminals behind bars.”

Adding that “What was her fault? God knows, each time I look at this picture, it destroys my soul! May little Jannat rest in Jannat!”

While she implored the authorities to tighten the justice process and swiftly punish the culprits of rape and sexual assault she also directed people to raise voice for the justice for rape victims.

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Meanwhile, reports tell that Jannat, from Mansehra, died after spending four days in the well nearby her village, possibly after being raped and abducted. After being kidnapped from outside her home, pedophiles raped and dumped her inside a barren 80-feet deep well.

According to the family, Jannat was denied proper medical treatment and that the hospital staff was not supportive.