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Thursday, February 15, 2024

While Pulwama shook India, PM Modi was busy filming epic adventure

Questions are raised on what was so pressing about the documentary for Discovery Channel that he overlooked to divert his attention to the national catastrophe. Indians are sure that PM Modi had a 'lifetime adventure into the Indian wilderness' on that day.

Indian PM Narendra Modi continued his shoot for a documentary for Discovery Channel’s Program ‘Man Vs Wild’ with British reality star Bear Grylls despite Pulwama terror attack, claims the reports.

The investigation claims that PM Modi was in middle of shooting for the documentary at 3:15 pm on Feb 14th when the Pulwama incident happened and was spotted leaving Corbett National Park around 7 PM, three hours after the horrific terror attack.

The controversy on his late departure from the Corbett National Park in the evening has resurfaced following a year to the incident today.  Moreover, his delayed reaction to the incident, which he later said ‘boiled his blood’, further fortified the impression that he preferred public relations exercise over a national emergency.


According to Indian publications, his schedule of activities on that day and late response is significant because the incident set in motion explosive events between the two countries, bringing them on the brink of war.

His critics and opponents have slammed him for his apathetic attitude and asked why didn’t he cut short his trip to Jim Corbett National Park and continued shooting for three hours after the incident. Questions are raised on what was so pressing about the documentary for Discovery Channel that he did not divert his attention to the national catastrophe.

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Several videos flashing on various Indian news channels reported PM Modi left the Corbett National Park between 6.40 and 7.30 pm.

Meanwhile, Indian publications mentioned that shooting of Discovery channel was already running late than the scheduled time on that day due to late arrival of PM Modi following weather turbulence in Dehradun-where he landed from New Delhi, his departure from the helicopter was delayed by four hours.

Indian government saved face with a pretext that PM Modi was informed two hours after the incident.


Indian commentators repudiated this excuse since they believe that it is unlikely that PM Modi was not informed about the incident within half-an-hour when National Security Advisor was informed immediately about the incident.

While mystery surrounds the whereabouts of PM Modi, Indians are convinced that PM Modi had a ‘lifetime adventure into the Indian wilderness’ on that fateful day.

The same Discovery documentary with PM Modi was televised in more than 180 countries and received massive viewership.