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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Why did PTI’s Naeemul Haque slam the leader of Opposition?

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Prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Political Affairs Naeemul Haque slammed the opposition leader in the National Assembly Mr. Shahbaz Sharif for his irresponsible comments about Imran Khan.  Mr. Haque warned Mr. Sharif and asked him never to attack PM personally.

It is important to mention that the opposition leader has demanded the resignation of the PM and Chief Minister Mr. Usman Buzdar over the Sahiwal tragedy where a family was killed by the officers of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD). “Imran Khan had himself stated in the past that the then Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif should resign and the then home minister Rana Sanaullah should be arrested [over the police action in Model Town].

 Mr. Haque warned Mr. Sharif and asked him never to attack PM personally.

Now according to his own words, first the prime minister should submit his resignation and then (Punjab Chief Minister) Usman Buzdar should resign,” Sharif had said amid desk-thumping by the opposition members. The opposition leader did not stop here and went on saying that the sitting prime minister is not democratically elected rather he is a “selected Prime Minister”.

Moreover, the opposition also made all efforts to disrupt the mini-budget speech by the Finance Minister Mr. Asad Omar. To counter opposition, Mr. Haq took to the twitter and reminded opposition leader of his career and politics.

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Mr. Haque in his tweets lashed out at Sharif and the opposition for allegedly violating an agreement “reached before the presentation of the finance bill by Asad”. “Time to revoke Shahbaz’s production order,” the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader tweeted. “Does he want his production order to be revoked? Last chance,” he added in another tweet.

He went on saying “Shahbaz better decide if he wants to play a positive role in NA and instruct his chamchas (sycophants) to behave,” he warned. “How dare he and his chamchas make personal attacks on PM in the NA.” “Does he want to spend more time in jail sulking?” he asked.

The PTI leader argued that the issuing of production orders for Sharif is not meant to facilitate his attending NA sessions to “abuse the PM and encourage his chamchas to do the same”.

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Mr. Haque suggested Sharif commit to abiding by the decisions of the Ethics Committee and the Rules of Business.

It is worth noting that certain segments of media misrepresented the Tweets of PM’s Special Assistant. According to them, threatening attitude of Mr. Haq was undemocratic itself and reaction and aggression of opposition in the house is old norm.

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However, Mr. Haque was grilling the opposition leader and reminded him of his production order within a particular context as he was angry at the opposition for their misbehaviour with the finance minister and Prime minister in the national assembly. His social media post was just out of anger and his disapproval of opposition’s attitude and he has no authority over production orders of Mr. Sharif. .. Mr. Sharif is currently in the custody of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for alleged misuse of authority.

Furthermore, the opposition leaders kept on disrupting the finance minister during his speech while presenting a mini-budget in the national assembly. For many analysts, it was uncalled for and against the democratic norms which irked Mr. Haque who got tough on the opposition leader.