Why Is It So Hard to Determine Which CBD Products to Buy?

Getting CBD products has never been an easy task. Despite how legal changes in the last few decades have made it easier to find cannabinoid products, there is still a big challenge in finding good quality CBD for sale.

It may not be a legal battle or a risk-taking endeavor, but determining which CBD products to buy is problematic due to a variety of other problems.

Here are all of the present difficulties that make it challenging to figure out which CBD products to buy.

Difficulty #1: Different Standards in Different Places

The first major problem that prospective CBD purchasers will run into is the hugely varying standards among brands.

This doesn’t just mean quality differences, though there certainly is plenty of that. It also has to do with the different ways that brands, manufacturers, and even nations look at CBD as a whole.

Take the allowable THC limit, for example. Different countries and areas have other laws surrounding the permissible concentration of THC.

For example, in the UK and many states in the US, the limit is 0.2% THC. In other places, however, it may be 0.3%.

This makes it possible to accidentally order technically illegal CBD oil from one place and transport it to another. These differences all affect us in how different manufacturers even examine their products to begin with.

One of the best ways to understand the types of products we can find online is through lab reports. These lab reports allow users to quickly and easily determine the number of compounds within any particular CBD product.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simplistic standard of lab reports that everyone uses. Some labs will test every single compound present, whereas others only show the specific cannabinoids within a particular sample.

All of these differences in standards and practices make it really tricky to find the right product when trying to compare different brands.

Difficulty #2: Different Types of CBD Products

Another major problem when trying to figure out the right kinds of CBD products to buy is how many different types are available.

While most people tend to think of cannabis as only coming in a couple of different types, of which CBD oil and smokeable hemp are the most common, there are actually all sorts of ways to imbibe CBD.

From capsules to vapes, dabs to edibles, there is basically a CBD version of every product you can imagine. While this degree of choice is definitely a good thing overall, it doesn’t change the fact that it feels almost impossible to determine what the right product is for you

How can someone make a good choice when they don’t know where to start? This isn’t helped by all of the different strengths available, either.

Difficulty #3: Varying Strengths All Over the Place

It used to be the case that the strength of cannabis wasn’t really listed; after all, it was usually bought illegally, and the average dealer had no concept of potency.

These days, however, the specific concentrations of cannabinoids, as well as their expected effects, are usually there in plain view for anyone to see.

While this is, of course, entirely a good thing for consumers, as more transparency leads to better purchasing decisions, it can make things harder.

CBD products are always listed in terms of the milligram strength or the percentage of cannabidiol.

How do you know what amount you need? Without careful, in-depth research, figuring out the correct quantity of CBD is a huge challenge.

Studies may have shown that a larger quantity of CBD is needed to affect anxiety, but that doesn’t determine the specific amount needed.

This is especially problematic for people of a nonstandard height or weight. 

Difficulty #4: Different CBD Is Right for Different People

The fundamental problem with advising people about cannabinoids is that various products are suitable for different people.

Some people will get on better with edibles or vapes, whereas others with oils or raw flower. However, the most significant difference is the amount of CBD needed to produce the intended effect.

Different heights, weights, and body types respond differently to CBD. Complicating matters further, the body’s reaction to cannabinoids is again entirely dependent on individual biology.

Some people have more sensitivity to cannabinoids than others, necessitating less CBD.

Final Thoughts: Why Is It So Hard to Determine Which CBD Products to Buy?

Ultimately, finding the right CBD product for everyone is pretty hard. Without careful research and clear instruction, many people struggle with getting the right products for themselves.

Make sure to always carefully research any products that look good online, paying special attention to lab reports and local laws.

The critical thing is to remain on the legal side of things and make sure that the product contains what it says it does. Other than that, it’s down to personal preference.



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