Why is Shahid Kapoor dissatisfied with “Padmavati trailer”?

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Shahid Kapoor thinks his role is underplayed in the trailer of the “Padmavati” movie released earlier this month. He expressed his views while talking to media on the final day of 19th Jio Mami Film Festival on Wednesday.

Kapoor said it on the occasion when he was being immensely praised for his looks and role in the introductory trailer released.

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“I think you guys are being very kind because in the trailer my character is underplayed. You will discover him only on the big screen. Wait for the film,” he said.

“I don’t know. Those are not my choices. Those are the choices of the filmmaker. I have just given 200 percent to the film.”

In a question, whether it was a deliberate trick to underplay his role, the actor humbly replied that it is the choice of the filmmakers of what and how to show.

“I don’t know. Those are not my choices. Those are the choices of the filmmaker. I have just given 200 percent to the film.”

On the other hand, he did express his gratitude for being selected to play the role of historical figure Maha Rawal Ratan Singh.

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“It has been a journey of the year. It’s a film, which everybody has worked really hard on. It is a privilege to be a Rajput king. I feel very proud as an Indian to play a king from a dynasty, which is known to be brave, fearless and respectful towards women. It’s (Padmavati) a legendary tale about the amazing people that existed at the time and I am privileged to have played Raja Rawal Ratan Singh. It’s difficult to say. I want people to see the film. I know the trailer’s out. The looks are out and everyone is talking about it but you have to see the film to understand what it is about and to truly experience it.”

However, Kapoor refrained from answering questions regarding the publicity and promotion of the movie. He said, he is clueless about the promotions of the movie.

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Overall, the actor is satisfied with the year-long hard work poured in by all the team members. He expects the movie to be a success that is expected to be released on December 1st, 2017.

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