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Monday, May 27, 2024

Why South East Asian countries should be on alert for terror activities?

Indonesia has been hit by multiple terror attacks over the years by Al-Qaeda affiliates and supporters of the Islamic State militant group. A bomb blast on Bali in 2002 killed more than 200 people and there's been a series of terror activities in India as well which has been responsible for instability in the region so the best course of action would be to be on alert and watch out for possible future calamities.

PM Narendra Modi’s hobnobbing with Benjamin Netanyahu is as ominous and fraught with danger as bringing the Defense Minister Moshe Dayan of Israel into the country disguised as a dhoti clad Hindu after the demolition of the Babri mosque. Why this hyperbole of precaution as Muslims in India are silent spectators of events of bomb blasts. The spectacular events of attacks in Bombay were on account of how the Shiv Sena had carried out the massacres of Muslims in the city. This makes us wonder about the growing terror activities in recent times.

Dawood Ibrahim was a well-established don hobnobbing with Sharad Pawar. But what CM Narendra Modi has done is orchestrating a full-fledged genocide of Muslims before the media camera thanks to the complicity of his erstwhile mentor LK Advani. What Farid Zakaria has observed today had a precursor in his father Dr. Rafik Zakaria who had put down his feet and countered Modi’s wrong view that Muslims turn terrorists because of the Islamic scripture! “More determinedly, he has pushed the country away from secularism and toward Hindu nationalism.” (Farid Zakaria) Will this “symbol of hate” (John Oliver) take out Pakistan’s atom bomb in collusion with the Israelis? To turn the tide of hate and win the forthcoming election Modi could do anything. If a surgical strike has achieved a victory of one election now a doughty Yogi’s election is coming. Will the nuclear one be far?

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India’s situation like SOS on pharmacy is delicate

“China is out to strangle India’s bulk drug makers. The government needs to heed the industry’s SOS.” When it comes to elections it would do anything. “Pakistan will do whatever it takes to preserve full spectrum deterrence to prevent and defeat any potential Indian aggression,” Ambassador Akram declared.

Given this kind of urgency, the ultimate need the hour is to secure a nuclear arsenal.

This is not an off-the-cuff remark because Modi is as determined as a rock. John Oliver rocks listeners with laughter when he says that Donald Trump called Modi ‘father of the nation’ and takes it back because he was not even married properly to be called one. Anyway, one Gandhi was enough.

A tourist haven gets dragged into the dirty terrorist war. The blasts that rocked the tourist hive of Bali- an island in Indonesia, killing over 300 people and maiming as many more in mid-October, 2002, had sent an ominous message that the specter of terrorism was alive and kicking despite the much-touted, ‘war on terror”. Australians were the most hit in the explosions, which led it to be linked to Australia’s being linked wresting independence to East Timor from Indonesia.

US President George W Bush, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Indonesian Defense Minister Matori Abdul Dijali were too quick in blaming the Al Qaida-with Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and Riduan Jaamuddin as the masterminds –even when no proof was available with the investigators except that two years ago on the same day of Bali blasts, the Al Qaeda had struck at the USS Cole in the Gulf of Aden, Yemen.

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Ballistic Bali                                                                                               

The choice of Bali for the terror strike is both simple and difficult to explain. Bali is predominantly (93 percent) a Hindu province in a Muslim majority country. Thousands of temples dot the ‘Island of Gods’, but the majority of visitors are Christian Westerners. But President Megawati Sukarnoputri is regarded as one of the most secular that Indonesia has seen.  (When the Gujarat pogroms took place, Sukarnopoutri as head of the largest Muslim country, merely asked the Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee about it, and thereafter stayed quiet.) The blasts also could not have been due to a religious dislike of revelry and revelers, as such a sentiment had not been previously expressed.

More than religion, politics seems to have been the motivating factor. It is well-known that Indonesia and the US don’t hold each other in high esteem. When the US embassy warehouse in Jakarta was attacked on September 23, 2002, the Indonesians were not convinced about America’s list of suspects. President Bush had earlier said that his patience with the Indonesian government was wearing thin and it was not cooperating in the war on terrorism.

David Wright-Neville of Monash University in Australia who has studied the terror network in Southeast Asia outrightly dismisses the claim that Bali blasts were meant as an ominous- signal to the US; he thinks the attack is “archipelagic” in nature and the perpetrators wanted to show that they can strike at will any part on the Indonesian island. Wright-Neville also feels that choosing a Western target was necessary to the terrorists’ purpose—the main aim was to de-stabilize Indonesia so that people would opt for a hard-line Islamic party. But the fact is the majority of Indonesians are moderate Muslims and do not toe a fundamentalist line.

Some Islamic militant outfits meanwhile, have blamed the US itself for conceiving the attack; they say the US did so in order to put pressure on the Indonesian government to join its war on terrorism. The United States intelligence agency is behind the Bali bombings in an attempt to justify their accusation that Indonesia is a terrorist base,” and Abu Baker Ba’asyr, the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, denying his group’s involvement in the Bali Sari night club mayhem. “All the allegations against me are groundless,” he said at a news conference. “I challenge them to prove anything.”

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These Islamic groups say that Indonesia’s unwillingness to join the US against terrorism has been viewed by Washington as a hostile act, as in ‘either you are with us or against us.’ Indonesians have also been strongly opposing the US plan to attack Iraq.  Some others say that the use of attack was planned to cripple the tourism industry and thereby damage the Indonesian economy, which would then make Jakarta crackdown on the suspected Al Qaeda sympathizers.

They also point to the US keeping an eye on the China Sea, and its aspiration to dominate the region. Another, argument that is doing the rounds is that since Western tourists were killed in Bali, the likes of France and Germany even Russia—would finally agree to declare war against Iraq which the US sees as a “terrorist” country. Interestingly, these three days before the attack, the US had issued a warning about some imminent terrorist strikes.

The affected tourism of Bali

All said, the tourism industry in Indonesia had taken a beating, and the backpackers and surfers are nowhere in sight. It might stay that way for a long time to come.

From this, it is easy to confer that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was in the cross-hair of countries that are hostile to Pakistan. In this no doubt Israel and India figure in. Even Huntington’s book on the clash of civilizations was content with all civilizations except the Islamic one. It was further limited to focusing on the clash within. As India has chosen to side with Israel it is natural that the conspiracy would be hatched. In the case of Israel making a bomb in the Negev desert, President John F Kennedy had warned against it. That was exactly why Oswald was chosen to shoot Kennedy.

A Jewish nightclub owner was ready to shoot the Russian to finish the trail. If anyone poses a mortal threat to the Jewish state it is Pakistan. India’s close relationship with Israel is much deeper than what the world knows.  Lt. Col Prasad Purohit was in military service when on behalf of Abhinav Bharat he negotiated with the Israelis of overthrowing the Indian government and in its place establishing a Hindu Rashtra. Late Hemant Karkare was very much struck by these developments. He had also collected proof of it. The last time he visited New Delhi he knew the threat emanating from the army because the army had called him for a session.

How India’s murky situation affects Pakistan?

Before returning to Mumbai he was resigned to his fate and sought sanctuary in the American embassy. It was too late. In his second letter to PM Modi Purohit distinguished between loyal nationalists and others opposed to them, the secularists. What assurances Modi had given him is still shrouded in mystery. Even so according to known statements it is fixed 2024.

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In an even larger matter, where is exactly ‘patriotism’ of Purohit who had a relationship with the Israelis? Purohit as many feel that he is ‘patriotic.’ In his conversation with Dr. RP Singh (the endocrinologist who wanted to assassinate Vice President Hamid with kerosene) he has this to say:
Col. Purohit: We have done two such operations earlier which were successful. I was the one who had got the equipment for all of them. On 24 June 2007, we were to have a meeting with King Gyanendra. Col.Lajpat Prajwal, who is now a brigadier, was the one who made the meeting possible.

We have to make use of the fact that nobody in this country will be able to figure out who is behind all this. Is this the kind of military intelligence Purohit was supposed to gather and go scot-free? Should the Indian army still have him? The 59army men who gave witness in his favor in the army CoI spell doom for India. The infiltration of the Hindutva ideology is this deep! How can the Islamic bomb be safe!

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.