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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Will Baaji be a turning point in Amna Ilyas’s career?

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Pakistani actress and model Amna Ilyas on Thursday has termed her character in upcoming movie ‘Baaji’ as a turning point in her career. In a statement, the actress said that the confidence she has developed during the promotion of the film was amazing.

She said that Meera is not only a senior artist but she is her Baaji and lucky charm. I feel happy after working with such a legendary actress, she added. “When Saqib Malik offered me ‘Baaji, I had my apprehensions. I knew it will be a multi-starrer film which also included Meera Ji who was making her comeback after a long gap.

A lot of actresses fear to work alongside experienced actors but I ignored these aspects and accepted this film because the role offered to me was so strong that I knew it will stand out. It is because of the role that I decided to act in this film,” she says. Amna believes that Neha in ‘Baaji’ is a character of a common girl who comes out to earn for her family and pursue her dreams. Masses can relate with this character.

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In an interview, she also revealed, “I’m being offered a lot of stuff; left, right and center. Only recently I’ve refused three movies because I felt an actor like me would be wasted doing those. Of course, I’m not going to place any demands of only doing leading parts, that doesn’t matter to me, I can do anything as long as it appeals to me. But having two back-to-back releases has suddenly made me very conscious of what I do next.”

The model says that it’s refreshing, and in the industry’s favour, those Bollywood films have left the screen; this way the increased demand can help the industry develop further. Baaji will be releasing in 66 cinemas houses across the country on June 28. Watch the trailer here: