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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Will improve taste of Chili Mili but vote for PML-N: Miftah Ismail to Netizens

As Netizens complain of the quality of Chili Mili, PML-N leader Miftah Ismail assures them that he will ask his company to look into the matter and also asked netizens to vote for PML-N in the next elections.

PML-N leader Miftah Ismail on Tuesday promised Twitter users that he will ask his company to improve the taste and quality of candy ‘Chili Mili’.

A Twitter user on Sunday had said that lately the taste and quality of Chili Mili have been ruined. “Why is chili milli not juicy anymore? hamesha itni sookhi aur mari hui hoti hai, like eating a chili milli dry fruit,” said the Twitter user in a tweet.


Soon other social media users joined the conversation and agreed that the candy does not taste like before anymore. “Exactly my sentiments. These were my all-time favorites..used them extensively during travel to avoid travel sickness. But now they feel like withered away..(PS.. I am already PMLN voter),” said another Twitter user.

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Few Twitter users said that they used to carry with them Chilli Mili whenever they visited Pakistan from abroad but now they are disappointed since the company has ruined the quality of the candy.

“I used to carry chilli milli always on my way back to every visit of Pakistan but now this sokhi maryal chilli milli lost its charm. I always thought it’s because I am consuming them so late,” said a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user complained that often the candy smells bad. “And it smells so bad. Not sure if it used to be like this,” complained the user.


One Pakistani girl said that she found Chili Mili in the UK but was disappointed as the candies were not juicy anymore.

Miftah Ismail assures Netizens

Later, PMLN leader Miftah Ismail joined the conversation and assured them that he will ask his company ‘CandyLand’ to improve the taste and quality of the candy. But he asked the Twitter user to promise him that he will vote for PMLN in the next elections.

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“I will ask them to make Chilli Milli more juicy. But please promise me to vote for PMLN in the next elections,” said Miftah Ismail in a tweet.

His tweet garnered a mixed response from the Twitter user. Some posted hilarious reactions on social media while others slammed him for playing politics and bribing customers to vote for PML-N.