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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Will Imran Khan be assassinated?

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According to the Indian host Simi Garewal, Imran Khan in an interview, stated that a Pir had told him that he would be assassinated after becoming the PM of Pakistan.

Garewal, on one hand, praised Imran Khan for his determination towards his cause of serving the country but also expressed the concern over Imran Khan’s decision to contest the election despite knowing the cost in her tweet. Garewal has now deleted the tweet.

In the, now deleted, tweet Grewal wrote: “#ImranKhan I am deeply ambivalent about the victory. It is a poisoned chalice! Many years ago @ImranKhanPTI told me that a pir had predicted he will become PM of Pakistan-and will be assassinated-Seems Imran wanted it..despite the cost. It’s sad.”

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Her tweet though garnered attention from Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf followers. The reactions poured in on Twitter as people expressed their concerns for their leader after the tweet.

Scores of followers stated Imran Khan should take care of himself if he loves his country. Another Twitterati said, Pakistan has already lost an iconic leader Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated at Rawalpindi at public procession. The country cannot afford to lose another iconic leader-Imran Khan.

Other users thanked Simi Garewal for deleting a ‘depressing tweet’ since people love Imran Khan to the extent that they can sacrifice their lives for him.

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“U have no idea how much worried I am after seeing the tweet of Simi. For God’s sake Imran, have some security with you. Pakistan can’t afford to lose you. May Allah protect you.”

“Thanks for deleting that depressing tweet Maam, you have no idea how much Imran Khan means to us, we are even willing to give our life away for him and to protect him. May God bless Imran Khan and keep him safe.”