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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Will US exit guarantee stability for war-torn Afghanistan?

Currently, the future of Afghanistan presents a discouraging picture. While the US exit is much needed, it will also lead to even more chaos and challenges for the Afghan population.

The democratic president Joe Biden has announced that the U.S. will pull out the troops from war-torn Afghanistan before September 11, 2021. He spoke from the Treaty Room of the white house-where the former president George W. Bush informed the people that America had launched strikes on the sanctuaries of Al Qaeda in 2001, beginning the longest conflict in the history of American.

The sudden and abrupt decision was fully appreciated and supported by former President Barack Obama. However, the CIA director showed much contempt and disagreement by saying that withdrawal will inhibit the intelligence gatherings.

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The 20-year long war has cost the U.S. much in terms of dollar and military misadventures. It is insane to make a claim about the prosperity ladder in post-U.S. withdrawal. Yet it remains to be seen if the Afghan Taliban would sustain the complex spectrum of the country and bring stability to Afghanistan after the U.S. has pulled out.

A discouraging picture

The landlocked country has been in a constant state of war ever since the deployment of U.S. Troops on its land. Though the country’s history revolves around wars, conflicts and social unrest, the attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center pushed a new chapter of destruction and chaos in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the arrival of American troops hurled an opportunity for the regional and international players to play their strategic cards. After the passage of a few years of U.S. arrival in Afghanistan, there emerged a number of players who, though slowly and gradually, put the whole trajectory of the country in a new but unstable direction.

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Since the massive deployment of troops from the administration of George W. Bush with the help of regional allies, the people of Afghanistan have barely seen the horizon of peace and stability.

For instance, rampage massacre of innocent people, wide-scale infrastructure destruction, the mass exodus of civilians, and dilapidated living standards are the matter of daily routine for the people living there.

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Today, the country presents a discouraging picture that continues to haunt the populace. Now, the war in Afghanistan, however, is only restricted in the hands of its masterminds, but there operate multiple factions who are working behind the back door channel in shattering the peace.

Nevertheless, the strategic spectrum of Afghanistan has taken a highly complex shape. Perhaps the presence of U.S. and NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces in the country have done very little in bringing durable prosperity.

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More chaos in Afghanistan?

The long cycle of peace talks between the U.S. Government and the Afghan Taliban has hardly brought productive outcomes. In fact, the latest decision from Joe Biden has transformed the peace talk altogether, and it may inject new shades in the country’s sociopolitical paradigm.

A score of geostrategic and security analysts have the prognostications that the sudden pullout of troops may result in chaos and uncertainty in Afghanistan. Therefore, they say there must be alternatives that can guarantee the peace aftermath of U.S. withdrawal.

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Since Afghanistan is located in a position whose internal situations, by large extant, can directly dilute the regional peace and stability. However, the billion-dollar question remains: Will the post-U.S. withdrawal era bring sustainability and peace in the war-ravaged country?

The democratic president Joe Biden has wonderful exposure to the situations of Afghanistan because under Barack Obama he dealt with the matter very closely. In contrast, one aspect is evident that sudden withdrawal of the troops might lead the country again into civil war.

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Certainly, the post-U.S. withdrawal will hurl massive challenges for Afghanistan and beyond. Therefore, peace-guaranteed alternatives must be established before the given date of troops pulls out in order to prevent another civil war in the country.

Leaving the country in a state of uncertainty will surely create problems in the country. Last but not least, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would turn the pages of a new era in the country and beyond.

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The author teaches at Delta language center Quetta. He is based in Awaran, Baluchistan. He can be reached on: nizambaloch149@gmail.com. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.