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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Woman Apologized to Ali Zafar for Fake Harassment Allegations

A year after sexual harassment controversy, a woman in her latest assertions declared Ali Zafar innocent, vindicating the singer in the face of multiple harassment charges leveled on him following the startling tweets of Meesha Shafi

A woman named Sofi has apologized publicly for leveling false accusations of sexual harassment on singer Ali Zafar, who is battling a defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi on sexual harassment charges.

Last year, a woman made a tweet from her Twitter account accusing him of sexually harassing the girl they sent to the airport to liaison with him for a fundraiser back in the States. He kept on touching her back throughout the day and moved too close to her, she had claimed. Her tweet came following the allegations of Meesha Shafi, after which a couple of women made startling claims of being sexually harassed by Ali Zafar.

Sofi clarified that she i s not making assertions under any coercion. She is doing it because her previous tweets are still used so retraction is the right thing to do

In a recent Twitter post, Sofi apologized to Ali Zafar, asserting that a false story was fed to her, which she believed without investigation.

“Last year, I tweeted when a young lady confided her harassment experience with Ali Zafar; I deleted it in a day when certain information was brought to my knowledge which contradicted her description of the incident to me,” Sofi took to Twitter.


“I am a victim of harassment and a MeToo supporter and inclined to believe a woman’s account but sometimes our faith in people is misplaced. I regret the pain my naivete and lack of impartial judgment has caused Mr. Zafar and I hope this can make amends!” she added.

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She confessed her mistake of hastily believing the story. Adding that, I should have clarified much sooner but I was afraid of the trolls, online stalking, and abuse. I hope this can atone for it,” she went on.

Sofi warned others not to make the same mistake ‘by believing women blindly’ and do some research.



She clarified that she is not making assertions under any coercion. She is doing it because her previous tweets are still used so retraction is the right thing to do.

Ali Zafar responded to her tweet and lauded Sofi’s admission of a mistake.

Dear Sofi. It requires courage to accept your mistake and bravery to apologize publicly,” the singer shared. “You are courageous and brave and that is how you should always be remembered. I wish you nothing but the best of health and happiness in life. God bless.”