Woman dies after being set on fire by husband

She suffered third-degree burns and was on life support. Hanna was five months pregnant when the incident happened.

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A pregnant Lebanese woman succumbs to her injuries after she was brutally beaten and set on fire by her husband. The husband inflicted violence on her because she refused for abortion.

Hana Mohammed Khodor, 21, could not survive fatal injuries in Northern Lebanon. The victim was admitted to the hospital for 11 days. The doctor informed that she was admitted to the hospital on August 6th and was receiving treatment for burns all over her body. The unborn baby died in the womb and had to remove after surgery. According to the doctors, she had a very bleak chance of survival. She suffered 100% body burns.

The reports emerged that the couple belonged to a poor background in Tripoli and could not afford to raise the baby. Her husband has been identified with the initials A.A. Family relative of the girl said,  “When she refused to abort the baby, he took her home and set her on fire using the gas cylinder.”

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Before her death, Hana’s family had appealed to the people for funds and donations to help pay for her medical treatment including multiple operations and blood transfusions.

Earlier doctors talking with the media said, “As we speak, she is battling for her life. She is between life and death in the intensive care unit. Hana was five months pregnant when the incident happened. The baby died and we had to operate on her to remove the fetus. Her chances of survival are very bleak.”

She suffered third-degree burns and was on life support. Hanna was five months pregnant when the incident happened. Attending doctors had waived their fees but still, the impoverished family had to meet the daily cost of $400 excluding treatments, operations, and reconstructive surgeries. “She needed 15 blood platelets transfusions) daily, and each costs $100, aside from the daily costs of the hospital bed, medical equipment, and ICU treatment,” said the family.

Lebanese Internal Security Forces had arrested the husband who was planning to flee the country.

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