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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Woman killed lover and cooked remains in rice dish after he dumped her

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A Moroccan woman chopped off and cooked his lover in Dubai in rage. The woman confessed to killing the victims and said she was enraged when her boyfriend decided to marry another woman from Morocco. The woman was in a relationship with the victim for seven years.

As per the reports, woman killed the victim, chopped him off, cooked and served to a group of men from Pakistan working nearby. Prosecutors said she confessed to the Police and called it a moment of ‘insanity’. The woman said she was furious for being dumped after financially providing him for seven years.

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The incident took place three months ago but was discovered recently when the victim’s brother found the tooth of the victim inside her blender at their home in Al-Ain.

Police have not revealed the identity of the woman and how the man was killed but confirmed that his girlfriend served his remains as Machboos, a traditional rice, and meat dish, to some Pakistani nationals working nearby.

Police carried out the DNA after the brother of the victim had filed a complaint. Police confirmed the tooth belonged to the victim.

Earlier, the woman told the brother of the victim she did not know where he is since she has kicked out the victim from the house. But later confessed the crime. She reportedly said she took the help of a friend to clean up the mess at her apartment after killing.

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The woman also informed that she used the blender to mince the victim’s meat. The friend of the accused said she did not witness the woman killing him but saw blood stains in the apartment. Police, however, has sent the accused of mental health check-up.

According to the Police and Prosecutor, the accused woman in her 30s will soon go for a trial after the investigations are complete.