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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Xiaomi releases energy-efficient smart AC

Right in time for summer, Chinese tech company, Xiaomi has released a new Smart Air Conditioner. The company claims that this new smart Air Conditioner beats the current energy efficiency standards of the industry.

Right when summer is about to hit the world hard, Xiaomi has launched a smart Air Conditioner in China. The tech giant claims that the smart AC beats all energy efficiency standards of the industry as of today. As per the company, the new Air Conditioner will save 20 per cent energy in comparison to other ACs in the market. The product – originally called the ‘Xiaomi Smartmi Air Conditioner A’ – comes with class 3 efficiency ratings and lower APF value.

Structure and Construction

The air conditioner displays a typical Xiaomi minimalistic design. It comes with 1120 air outlet micro holes for providing three-dimensional air supply at a wider angle. Under the hood, it features two 98mm super large cross-flow fans.

Xiaomi’s smart AC is available in two models: 1 ton and 1.5 ton. The 1-ton variant provides 620 cubic meters per hour circulating volume with a maximum range of 10m. The 1.5-ton model, in contrast, has a 660 cubic meters per hour circulating airflow and a max range of 16 square meters. Apart from this, if you are planning to buy a ducted ac then you can check these benefits of ducted airconditioning.


The Xiaomi Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner is equipped with full DC frequency conversion technology, which provides higher efficiency. The device has a high APF value of 5.13. This is higher than the national standard and energy efficiency limit value of 4.5 in China.

Additionally, the smart AC also comes with support for Xiao AI voice assistant and can connect to Xiaomi’s ecosystem of products as well as other smart products.

Energy Efficiency

One of the major USPs of this Xiaomi Air Conditioner is its energy efficiency. “The air conditioner from the Chinese tech giant has an APF (annual performance factor) value as high as 4.65, which is better than the current Chinese power efficiency standard of 4.5,” Gizmochina reports. This basically means that the higher the APF value, the greater will be the AC’s energy efficiency. This smart AC has a class 1 level category of energy efficiency as it supports a new DC frequency conversion motor.

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In real-world scenarios, Xiaomi’s new air conditioner saves about 20 per cent energy than the other AC’s with class 3 efficiency ratings and lower APF value. Furthermore, it also important to remember that the new home appliance is ‘smart AC’. Thus, it supports voice commands through the Xiao AI to control the temperature or turn the Air Conditioner on or off.

Evaluating and Availability

Currently, the AC is right ready to move in China. The 1-ton variation costs $310, while the 1.5-ton variation will interfere with clients by $381.

More products from Xiaomi

On the other hand, Xiaomi recently launched a new wearable targeted at children. The new Mitu Children Learning Watch 4Pro smartwatch has only been released in China as of yet. The main feature of the smartwatch is the HD-dual cameras and dual-frequency GPS positioning. The wearable runs Android 8.1-based custom OS, heavily modified for the form factor and child-friendliness.

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The star of the watch is its GPS, which can offer 24-hour tracking. There is also 4G LTE and NFC support. The watch features a 5-megapixel wide-angle camera sensor and an f/2.4 aperture and 82-degree field-of-view. There’s also an 8-megapixel zoom camera on the side with f/2.2 aperture and 84.9-degree field-of-view. It features a 1.78-inch display and offers a pixel density of 326ppi.

In easier words, the Mitu Children Learning Watch 4 Pro leverages what it claims to be a ten-fold AI positioning system for better accuracy. However, the 24 different tracking options for parents make it especially attractive. The two cameras can also be used to provide a video stream of the child’s surroundings as well.

The Mitu Children Learning Watch 4Pro smartwatch costs CNY 1,299 and is available through Xiaomi Mall.