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Thursday, May 23, 2024

“You will always get a befitting response”, DG ISPR Slams Indian Ceasefire violations

Unprovoked Indian ceasefire violations claimed the lives of six civilians and one solider of the Pakistan Army, while Pakistan’s response left nine Indian soldiers left. DG ISPR and the AJK Premier also debunked the fallacies and myths of terrorist launchpads and terror camps in AJK.

The Pakistan Army, on Sunday, “effectively responded” to India’s unprovoked ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC), which lead to the deaths of nine Indian soldiers, alongside injuring many others.

The LoC skirmishes, provoked by India also claimed the lives of six civilians, while a soldier of the Pakistan army embraced martyrdom. Military officials reported that two soldiers and at least nine civilians in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) were gravely injured after the Indian occupation forces opened “indiscriminate and ruthless” firing and shelling from across the LoC well past midnight.

Indian Unprovoked Firing

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Asif Ghafoor, took to twitter to break the news of the unprovoked Indian aggression from across the Line of Control (LoC).

Heinous Indian targeting of civilians is a typical attempt by India to divert international attention from the humanitarian nightmare in IOJ&K.

DG ISPR said, “Indian unprovoked CFVs in Jura, Shahkot & Nousehri Sectors deliberately targeting civilians. Effectively responded. 9 Indian soldiers killed several injured. 2 Indian bunkers destroyed.”

“During exchange of fire 1 soldier & 3 civilians Shaheed, 2 soldiers & 5 civilians injured.”

The official spokesperson of the Pakistan Army continued, “Targeting innocent civilians by Indian Army is an attempt to justify their false claims of targeting alleged camps. Injured civilians evacuated to District hospitals.”

Urging the mandated UN Military Observer Group in Pakistan to examine the war-like situation created by the Indian occupation forces, DG ISPR said, “UNMOGIP, as well as domestic & foreign media, have open access to AJK, a liberty not available in IOJ&K.”

In a strongly-worded tweet, DG ISPR stressed upon Pakistan Army’s right and resolve to protect civilian lives and launch a befitting response to Indian ceasefire violations.

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He said, “Indian Army shall always get befitting response to CFVs. Pakistan Army shall protect innocent civilians along LOC & inflict unbearable cost to Indian Army.”

Exposing False Flag Intentions

Issuing a stern warning of exposing Indian agendas of a false flag attack, DG ISPR said, “Indian lies to justify their false claims & preparations for a false flag operation will continue to be exposed with truth.”

Revealing the extent of damages inflicted upon the enemy, DG ISPR said that the Indian Army was forced to raise the white flag in a bid to rescue its injured soldiers and pick up dead bodies. The official spokesperson of the Pakistan Army advised the Indian occupation forces to uphold military norms by avoiding targeting civilians.

DG ISPR said, “Indian Army struggling to pick dead bodies and evacuate injured soldiers. Indian Army raising white flag. This they should think before initiating unprovoked CFVs and respect military norms by avoiding to target innocent civilians.”

Sharing the deaths of two more civilians in Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Sunday, past midnight, Major General Asif Ghafoor said, “Two more civilian casualties succumbed to injuries. Total 5 civilians Shaheed. Indian guns silent as of now to undertake evacuation of their dead and injured after effective and befitting response from Pakistan Army.”

DG ISPR slammed the Indian propaganda of alleged “terror camps” long the LoC, and commended the Pakistani journalists for responsible reportage. He said, “Typical of Indian media falsely claiming targeting of alleged camps. Get access to IOJ&K & have moral courage to cover damages caused by Pak Army. All your previous claims met their fate so shall this one. Follow journalistic ethos of Pak Media for reporting with responsibility.”

No Terror Camps in AJK

Responding to fallacious statements made by the Indian Army Chief with regards to the destruction of “three alleged terror camps in AJK”, DG ISPR said, “Indian COAS’ statement claiming destruction of 3 alleged camps in AJK is disappointing as he holds a very responsible appointment.”

He continued, “There are no camps let alone targeting those. Indian Embassy in Pakistan is welcome to take any foreign diplomat/media to ‘prove’ it on ground.”

Major General Ghafoor slammed the false claims made by senior Indian military officials, and reminded them of their violations of military ethics. He said, “The propensity of false claims by senior Indian military leadership especially since Pulwama incident is detrimental to peace in the region.”

“Such false claims by Indian Army are being made to suit vested domestic interests. This is against professional military ethos.”

Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider, also issued a strongly worded response to debunk Indian propaganda of “alleged terrorist training camps in AJK”.

He said, “Indian claim that it has destroyed any training camps in Azad Kashmir in overnight shelling is as rubbish as their claim regarding Balakot attack.”

“We have repeatedly offered AJK is open to everyone unlike IOK which has always been a no go area for foreign media an observers.”

The AJK Premier went onto share harrowing images of injured and martyred women and children who had become a victim of India’s recent ceasefire violations and targeting of innocent civilians.

Raja Farooq Haider added, “Whenever savage Indian troops target and kill non-combatant civilian population along LoC, they lie through their teeth to justify serious breach of all international laws, conventions and military norms. Kundal Shahi was not hit last night. Shame on Indian govt and their army.”

 Indian Charge D’Affaires Summoned

The Director General SA & SAARC Dr. Mohammad Faisal summoned the Indian Charge D’Affaires Mr. Gaurav Ahluwalia to condemn the unprovoked ceasefire violations by the Indian occupation forces across the LoC in Jura, Shahkot and Nausehri Sectors.

The Foreign Office stated in this regard, “Due to indiscriminate and unprovoked firing by Indian occupation forces, including use of heavy artillery, five innocent civilians, Muhammad Rafaqat s/o Haji Azam aged 28 years, Haji Azam aged 60 years, Haji Sarfaraz s/o Ghulam Rabbani aged 47 years, residents of Village Nausadda and two non-resident civilian laborers Mr. Liaquat and Mr. Faisal, embraced shahadat, while six others, including women and children, sustained serious injuries.”

The Foreign Office also rejected Indian media reports of alleged launchpads” and informed that the government of Pakistan has called upon the Permanent 5 members of the UN Security Council to ask India to provide concrete evidence.

MoFA stated in its press release, “Pakistan categorically rejects Indian media reports about so-called “launchpads” being targeted by India along the LoC. Earlier, highlighting the Indian threat to regional peace and security, Pakistan has called upon the P5 to ask India to provide information about the so-called alleged “launchpads” and stated its willingness to arrange a visit of the P5 diplomats to those locations to expose Indian falsehood.”

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It further added, “Heinous Indian targeting of civilians is a typical attempt by India to divert international attention from the humanitarian nightmare in IOJ&K.”

“The deliberate targeting of civilian populated areas is indeed deplorable and contrary to human dignity, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws. The ceasefire violations by India are a threat to regional peace and security and may lead to a strategic miscalculation.”