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Zaira Wasim forced to resign from Bollywood: Anupam Kher suspects


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Veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has expressed his concerns over Zaira Wasim’s decision of quitting Bollywood. Social media is in tumult after Zaira Wasim’s announcement of disassociating herself from Bollywood on religious grounds. Anupam Kher suspects that the young actress has been forced to take this decision.

“I think it’s a tragedy that a 16-17-year-old girl has to take a decision like that. I do respect her sentiments, I do respect that it’s her individual choice. But as a person, I feel sad that she had to take a decision like this about her flourishing career,” he noted during a media interaction in New Delhi.

“On one hand we talk about women empowerment and on the other hand, we say that it’s not like that. Personally, I feel she should not have done that. But she is an independent girl and our country gives everybody the fundamental right to choose what they want to choose,” he added.

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“But the fact that she has gone all out, to sort of say, that I am doing it for religion or something like that… a certain amount of tilt has gone into it. She is most welcome to take her decision. I felt sad when I read it. I felt somewhere that she had to take that decision. It is not her decision,” he continued.

Soon after her Facebook post, it was rumored that her social media accounts were hacked, which the actress denied and stated that all her social media accounts were handled by herself.

With numerous Muslim celebrities performing in Bollywood for decades, it is unprecedented for any Muslim celebrity to forsake the career in the film industry on religious grounds. Did Anupam Kher, an unapologetic observer, try putting the onus of Zaira Wasim’s resignation from Bollywood on the religious fundamentalists?

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Some people believe, Zaira Wasim is ‘growing up’ and shall soon make a comeback in Bollywood.

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