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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Zulfi Bukhari wins first round of defamation case against Reham Khan

After being accused of corruption by Reham Khan, Zulfi Bukhari served a defamation notice against her. During the preliminary hearing, the UK court gave the decision in favor of Mr. Bukhari.

Former Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Zulfi Bukhari has won the first round of the defamation case against Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan and broadcaster.

The defamation case began after the release of Reham Khan’s YouTube video where she alleged that Zulfi Bukhari had a personal interest in the sale of Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, USA. She further claimed that Pakistan’s National Assets were sold to help people like Aneel Musarrat and Zulfi Bukhari in an act of ‘robbery’.


Ms. Khan had alleged: “If the news my source gave me is correct, that these two overseas British Pakistanis Aneel Mussarat and Zulfi Bukhari are involved in the sale of the Roosevelt Hotel, then it is selective justice… Malik Riaz may have been tolerated but not this.”

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The defamation case

Mr. Bukhari served a defamation notice against Ms.Khan saying that he was targeted and accused of corruption. Ms. Khan argued that her word does not amount to defamation and did not significantly affect his reputation as he has claimed. Ms. Khan added that the discussion of the Roosevelt Hotel falls under the banner of public interest.

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She also said that her broadcast was “based on information that the aviation ministry had objected to the creation of the task force on Roosevelt”.

Now Mr. Bukhari is seeking retraction, damages, and cost of legal fees as part of the defamation case.

The court gave the decision in favor of Mr. Bukhari in the preliminary hearing. In the hearing, the UK judge determined the meaning of the content at the center of the suit. Judge maintained that the words and contents disseminated by Ms. Khan amounted to a chase level 1 imputation. This means that if the case goes to trial, Ms. Khan will be expected to substantiate her allegations against Mr.Bukhari.