3 Games with Large House Edges at XRP Gambling Sites

XRP is the native currency of Ripple, a technology that acts as a crypto and a digital payment network. The goal of this coin is to simplify the process of making financial payments. The creators of Ripple know the existing systems that process such payments are fragmented and complicated and hope their currency can act as an antidote to the chaos.

Those interested in XRP gambling sites are usually drawn by the coin’s relatively low cost with a high potential for a significant increase. It offers anonymity compared to wagering with fiat currency, and users benefit from fast transactions and low fees.

However, before you even deposit digital currency on crypto gambling sites, you need to determine the best value games. This article outlines three games and bets to avoid due to the significant house edge.

1. Sic Bo

This dice game was originally played in ancient China, and you can find it on certain XRP gambling sites. Sic Bo uses three dice and includes a betting table with various options.

The house edge on the ‘small’ (wins on a total of 4-10 barring three-of-a-kind) and ‘big’ (wins on a total of 11-17 barring three-of-a-kind) have an acceptable house edge of 2.78%. However, long shot wagers such as trying to get a total of 5 and 16 give the crypto gambling site incredible edges of up to 47% depending on the payout.

This is significant because one site will provide an entirely different payout to another. Please bear this in mind before making any Sic Bo wagers. For instance, if a total of 9 and 12 pays 6 to 1, the house edge is 22.22%. However, if the payout is 7 to 1, the advantage falls to 12.5% (which is still exceptionally high).

2. Keno

Spot Keno is an old favorite and involves picking up to 20 numbers from 1 to 80. The game draws 20 balls, and you get paid according to the amount of numbers you match. Unfortunately, the traditional form of Keno remains among the worst value games from a player’s perspective.

XRP gambling sites can have an edge of over 25%, depending on your bets. This enormous advantage is one reason why some people think the Keno on crypto sites is rigged. In reality, reputable sites offer provably fair games, so there is no danger of being ripped off.

Also, many cryptocurrency gambling sites offer Keno variations with much better return-to-player percentages than the traditional version. Try those instead of watching your bankroll erode rapidly with standard Keno.

3. Craps

This famous dice game involves making wagers on the outcomes of two dice. Betting against other players is called “street craps,” but the game is different on cryptocurrency gambling sites as you play against the casino.  

However, many players who enjoy craps probably aren’t even aware of the enormous house edge on certain bets.

The legendary rolling a seven bet comes with much pomp and circumstance. In reality, it is among the worst value wagers you can make on any XRP gambling site game. If it pays 5 to 1, the house edge is an eye-watering 16.67%.

Another bad bet is 2, 12, and all the hard hops, giving the site a house edge of close to 14%.

If you want to play craps, choose bets such as taking odds 5 and 9 or laying odds 4 and 10. These plays give the house no edge whatsoever, turning this dice game into a game of chance you can win.

Dishonorable Mentions

Here are three other games and bets to avoid on XRP gambling sites:


  • The tie on baccarat; the edge is up to 14.36% if the payout is 8 to 1
  • Big Six carries a house edge of over 22% if you bet on the $5 and $20 symbols
  • Betting on the tie in Casino War with six decks has a house edge of over 18%, rising to over 35% if one deck is used

Final Thoughts on Games to Avoid at XRP Gambling Sites

While it’s true that the house always wins, you don’t have to give a cryptocurrency gambling site an enormous advantage either! Certain games simply aren’t worth risking your hard-earned cash on unless you enjoy losing money!

Better options include video poker and blackjack. Play either one with the requisite skill, and you can trim the house edge to almost nothing. 


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