5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Growing an Instagram Account

Are you looking to grow your Instagram account but not sure where to start? Make sure to avoid these five common mistakes! Not only will they prevent you from growing your account, but they could also get you banned from the platform. So, what are the biggest mistakes to avoid when growing an Instagram account? Keep reading to find out!

Not Engaging With Followers

One of the biggest mistakes that you should avoid when growing your Instagram account is not engaging with your followers. Did you know that engagement is one of the most important metrics according to the Instagram algorithm? It’s basically a signal to the social media platform that your content is interesting and users enjoy it.

As such, if you are not focusing on engaging with your followers and ensuring that all of your posts have some sort of call to action phrase to get engagement, you are not going to grow your Instagram account quickly. One way to go around this is to buy Instagram Story likes of views, which will help you generate more engagement. Of course, posting high quality content will receive engagement as well as likes, which is important for growth.

Not Using Hashtags Correctly 

Another mistake that you should avoid making at all costs would be not using hashtags correctly. How are hashtags often used incorrectly? when users use hashtags that are irrelevant to the content that they are posting and are not aimed at focusing on a specific niche or audience.

The mistake with this is the fact that if hashtags are used correctly, they can be an amazing tool for growth since they’re able to help you target a specific audience. More importantly, your posts will be penalized if the Instagram algorithm determines that you are using hashtags incorrectly. Always do research to find out which are the best hashtags to use for your posts and which you should avoid.

Failing To Post Consistently

Of all the mistakes you should avoid when growing an Instagram account, one of the most important is failing to post consistently. Instagram is home to more than 1.4 billion users, and there are more than 75 million videos and photos posted every day. In other words, this means that you are up against quite a lot of competition.

If you are not posting consistently, you are going to get drowned out by the sheer amount of competition. Instagram has also changed the way the feed works, and now users are shown posts in order of the creators they interact with the most. If you are not posting at least two to three times a day, you can be sure that users won’t be interacting with your content.

Not Posting Niche Content

One thing that can really help boost the growth of your Instagram account in 2022 is posting within a niche. And if you are not posting niche content, you are making a big mistake. Many people who are new to Instagram assume that if they post content that covers a wide variety of niches, they will expand the number of users who follow them.

Unfortunately, this hardly ever works. As it turns out, when a user decides to follow an account, they will take a look at the most recent posts. Aside from quality, Instagram users are trying to gauge what type of content you create and for what niche before they follow you. If you are posting content that covers a wide variety of niches, this makes it difficult for the user to gauge what can be expected from you, and as such, they won’t follow.

Not Posting High-Quality Content

Finally, the last mistake that you should avoid making on Instagram if you want to grow your account would be not posting high-quality content. At the end of the day, most people use Instagram because they want to be entertained, and high-quality content does just that. In addition to this, Instagram also places quite the emphasis on aesthetics, which is hardly surprising since the platform started off as a photo-sharing app.

If you are posting low quality content, you are not going to get followers. More importantly, if the content that you are posting is just constant promotion or advertisement, whether that be for your product, services, or yourself, you are also not going to gain followers.


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